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Journal of the Diocese of Washington (2014)

Part I: Directories

This is all about the people of the diocese. You will find a list of diocesan staff, all our committees, directory of clergy, parishes, organizations and lay leaders. 


Part II: Annual Convention Proceedings

This is all about the annual Convention. You will find the Bishop’s Address, the minutes of the Convention, elections results, who attended and voted, and the required annual reports of all the committees.

The Journal of Proceedings, One Hundred Nineteenth Convention includes the following:

The Bishop’s Convention Address
Journal of Proceedings, One Hundred Nineteenth Convention

Report of the Committee on the Constitution and Canons
Report of the Committee on Resolutions
        on Adoption of Sustainable and Responsible Investment Principles
Guest Speaker
Treasurer’s Report
Presentation and Adoption of 2014 Budget
Summary of Elections
Clerical Members
Lay Members
Report of the Tellers

Reports Submitted by Title

Standing Committee
Diocesan Council
Finance Committee
Angus Dun Fellowship Fund Committee
Committee on Church Architecture
Companion Diocese Committee
Commission on Ecumenical and Interreligious Ministries
Diocesan Hunger Fund Committee
Investment Committee
Commission on Ministry
Diocesan Retreat Committee
Southern Africa Partnership Committee
Seabury Resources for Aging



Part III: Budget and Statistical Reports

This is all about finance and data. You will find the Bishop’s Official Acts for the previous year, the parish giving, the current year’s budget that was approved at Convention. This part also contains the diocesan audit and useful tables about statistics for each parish compiled from their annual parochial report. You can also see how many delegates your parish has for the next Convention.

Part III may be viewed here, and contains the following sections:
The Bishop’s Official Acts for 2013
Financial Commitments for 2013
2013 Budget for Mission and Ministry
Auditor’s Report

Statistical Summaries of the 2013 Parochial Report

Table 1. Sacraments, Holy Communion, Other Services
Table 2. Church Membership, Pledges, School Enrollment
Table 3. Attendance and Apportionment of Lay Delegates  for the 2015 Diocesan Convention
Table 4. Receipts
Table 5. Expenditures
Table 6. Clergy Compensation for 2014


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Part IV: Diocesan Policies

Committee Governance Policy
Diocesan Loan Policies
Diocesan Audit Guidelines

Part V: Constitution and Canons (last edited 2014) 

Constitution of the Diocese of Washington
Canons of the Diocese of Washington
Rules of Order of the Convention
Order of Business of the Convention
the "Maryland Vestry Act"
Charter of the Convention of the Diocese of Washington

Journal Online

The links on the left lead to the diocesan Journal. You may also view the complete Journal and Directory here:

Journal and Directory 2014 (including Policies and Canons)

Printed Copy

In the interest of being environmentally responsible and for good stewardship of our resources, only a minimal number of Journals have been printed this year.  If you find that you really need to have a bound copy of the Journal and Directory, you may contact Kim Bujak.


If you have any questions on this section, please contact Ann V. Talty, Governance Officer, or call her at (202)537-6548.

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