2011 Convention

Episcopal Diocese of Washington
2011 Convention - 2011 Convention

2011 Diocesan Convention

The following archival material is available from the 2011 diocesan convention, which was held in January at Washington National Cathedral.

Changes to the Constitution of the General Convention

Bishop Election
Special Rule for the Election of a Bishop

Bishop's Address
Bishop Chane's convention address: video | text

Bishop Chane's sermon at the Convention Eucharist: video

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert Johansen
Keynote speaker Dr Robert Johansen at the 116th diocesan convention: video | text

Constitution and Canons report
Report of the Committee on the Constitution and Canons

Resolutions Report
Report of the committee on resolutions

2011 Diocesan Budget: report | proposed budget

Results of Elections
Results of Elections at 2011 Convention

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