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Mutual Ministry Review: Local Models

Celebrate Success-Resolve Challenges

The Mutual Ministry Review document was developed by congregational consultants of the Diocese of Washington, based on original work by The Episcopal Church Foundation, Ms. Sally Bucklee, and the Office of Congregational Development of the National Episcopal Church. There is no single way to do mutual ministry review. Guides to mutual ministry that have been used by our diocesan consultants may be found to the right of this page


What is Mutual Ministry Review, and why should our parish do it?

Mutual Ministry Review is a way for every parish to ask, "How are we doing?" It is a time to celebrate what has been done well and to understand what might be done better. As Christian people we must always ask: "What is God calling us to do and to accomplish here in this place?" And then, "How can we best practice this ministry?"

Ministry is the work of the whole people of God, not just of the ordained clergy. Therefore, Mutual Ministry Review is meant to help the entire parish better accomplish God's mission. What is being reviewed is the ministry of laity and clergy working together in the daily life of the community for the glory of God.

Mutual Ministry Review is intended to nurture environments where responsibilities are discussed and reviewed regularly and comfortably. As a result, communities and individuals will understand what is expected of them. Roles will be clarified, and time and energy centered on what is important for the building up of the Body of Christ.

Participants are encouraged to remember that the intent of the Mutual Ministry Review is to improve effective ministry. The focus will be on means of improvement rather than on reasons why something was not done. Within the pastoral context of the review process, the emphasis is on celebrating the successes and resolving the challenges. This is sound, healthy stewardship.

The mutual ministry review document is available to the right of this page.

Mutual Ministry Review

Celebrate Success-Resolve Challenges
Developed by congregational consultants of the Diocese of Washington
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A Process that Works
By the Rev. Jeff MacKnight
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