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Diocesan Ministries - Young Adults Ministry Network

Young Adult Ministry Network

The dream of the Diocese of Washington is to see young people become a vital, contributing part of local worshiping communities. The Young Adult Ministries Network supports, resources and encourages those ministries to young people on campuses and in parishes. In addition, the network facilitates the development of new ministries that will minister to, and with, young people we are not yet reaching out to. From here, you can sign up on our e-mail list, find a parish or campus ministry, check on upcoming events. Feel free to contact us if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Young Adult Participation Survey

On June 25, 2014, we began conducting a survey of local parishes and worshipping communities in the diocese in order to gather data that would be useful in helping to determine what, if any, specific conditions exist that might be a contributing factor in the creation and cultivation of strong young adult ministries. Responses were accepted through July 19, 2014, and at the end of the survey, the diocesan office had collected 45 responses. Read and download the report.


Formation & Mission Clusters

This fall, leaders responsible for family, youth and/or young adult ministries are gathering to strengthen our connection with leaders in proximity to each other, tend to the spiritual formation of those responsible for Christian formation in the parish and leadership development. These leaders may be lay or ordained, compensated or volunteer. Want to join us? Further details can be found here. RSVP here.

Our Bishop on the Importance of Young Adult Ministries


This video was recorded on November 10, 2012 at a Diocesan Young Adult Ministries Forum hosted by the National Cathedral.

Parish Ministries

Find out more about parish-based young adult ministries in Diocese of Washington.

Campus Ministries

Find out more about campus ministries in the Diocese of Washington.

Upcoming Events

Sept 13: Ferguson, Could It Happen Here? at Calvary Episcopal

Oct 10-11: Anti-Racism Training at St. John's Beltsville

Nov 7-8: Commonplace at St. Paul's Rock Creek Parish


Monthly Gatherings:

Gather, Eat, Pray with St. Mary's County Epsiscopal Churches

Evensong/Evensocial at the Washington National Cathedral

Theology on Tap with St. John's and St. Paul's

Third Space with Georgetown Episcopal Churches



Getting Started

Is your parish starting a young adult minstry? Here are a few tools to get you started:

Get to know your neighborhood. Visit the Episcopal Church website, download and study the demographic profile for the community surrounding your parish. 

Download the "Discerning for Young Adult Ministry" guide made available by the Episcopal Church Center.

Take a look at the collection of young adult Christian formation curriculum put together by the Episcopal organization Forma

Check out Animate.Faith, a 7-session video series put together by Sparkhouse, an ecumenical division of Augsburg Fortress.

Consider studying some of the "missional principles" discussed in these free materials made available from the Center for Parish Development in Chicago.

Connect with a Ministry

Are you or someone you know looking to connect with a young adult or campus ministry? Tell us more about what you are looking for and we will direct you to a campus or parish-based young adult ministry near you.


Sign up to get news and updates on young adult and campus ministries in the Diocese of Washington.

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Contact Jason Evans,
Diocesan Young Adult Missioner


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