Convention 2014 - the 119th Convention

"Behold, I Am Making All Things New"

Convention 2014 evaluation is now available

Election Results:

Clerical Standing Committee: Kim Baker, Joan Beilstein
Lay Standing Committee: Cay Hartley, Kemah Camara

Clerical Deputy to General Convention: Betsy Gonzalez, Greg Syler, Kurt Gerhard, Jan Cope
Lay Deputy to General Convention: Barbara Miles, Gerry Perez, John Johnson, Annie Brown

Clerical Deputy to Provincial Synod: Carol Jablonski, Alternate is Kathy Corbett-Welch
Lay Deputy to Provincial Synod: Rick Rutherford, Joan Thomas; Alternate is John Rigg

2015 Diocesan Convention

The location for the 2015 Diocesan Convention is currently under consideration.

Reid Temple

The decision to experiment with an alternative venue for Convention was prompted by feedback from attendees at the last two Conventions, as well as input from the Diocesan Council. The following criteria were established to evaluate possible alternative venues:

  1. Space for additional (and smaller) workshop opportunities, with sightlines, acoustics and ready availability of presentation and video technology.
  2. Space for hospitality and conversation
  3. Expanded space for exhibitors collection – useful contacts, network, ideas, tools, opportunity to browse possibilities
  4. Worship space conducive to a broader variety of music and worship formats
  5. Physical comfort, accessibility, parking
  6. Cost

Reid Temple, A.M.E Church quickly emerged as a very promising location. All of the staff and Diocesan leaders who visited Reid Temple were enthusiastic about the features, convenience and possibilities for our convention experience at Reid Temple.

Where is Glenn Dale? It is a little outside the Beltway, between Bowie and Greenbelt, about halfway between Route 50 and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Here’s the link to a map

Contact: Ann Talty

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