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Installation of the Rev. Otis Gaddis III

On October 19, Bishop Mariann installed the Rev. Otis Gaddis III as the new minister for the Episcopal Chaplaincy at the University of Maryland. The chaplaincy currently hosts three spiritual gatherings: a Sunday evening Episcopal service at St. Andrew’s, College Park; affirming LGBT spiritual community, Out in the Church; and a meditation and contemplation spiritual community, Ancient Spiritual Practices. 

Two students shared their reflections on Ancient Spiritual Practices in the installation service bulletin.

“Our reasons differ, yet there is no judgment. Our backgrounds are vast, yet we appreciate the new perspectives. We can’t experience the same paths, but instead we must make our own. Meditation is an individual journey that can only be shared with others in understanding, and that’s what we do.

Spiritual Contemplation and Meditation is an experience at the University of Maryland like no other. I am certainly not religious, so when I first read that they met at the Chapel I was very nervous. Instead I was welcomed to a small group where almost no one shared the same beliefs, and it was refreshing.” –Danielle

“For me, spirituality has been an issue that I have continually questioned and stumbled through. Religious affiliation aside, the Episcopal Chaplaincy here at University of Maryland has helped my many efforts to understand myself internally and get a better grasp on my own personal spirituality, as well as my general understanding of spirituality. Rev. Otis Gaddis, especially, has been at the forefront of these efforts, uniting students through a common belief that a spiritual awareness should be promoted and encouraged, and that dialogue between students of this university can help inspire a wider sense of internal growth.” – Frank

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