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Regional Nominations

Welcome to the 2020 Pre-Convention Nominations and Voting page. In January 2019, the Convention of the Diocese of Washington voted to continue the process by which pre-convention activities could be conducted online. This enables eligible diocesan clergy, wardens, and lay delegates to participate in the online regional elections process.

Before the voting process is launched, diocesan staff will ensure that all parishes have provided us with the most current list of clergy, wardens, and delegates who are eligible to participate in the voting process. Members of the Diocese can submit themselves for nomination for open positions on the Diocesan Council and Standing Committee using the form below. The nominations process was open from October 1 to October 15 and has now been concluded.

In accordance with our canons, no balloting is required for positions in which only one person has been nominated. Therefore, there was no need for voting on any of the positions submitted. Results are below. Standing Committee nominees will be voted on at convention on January 30. Terms for those regionally elected as regional council members will begin February 1, 2021. 


The Standing Committee is a body that has eight members, including four priests and four laypersons. Under the Episcopal Church Canons, the Standing Committee has three principal responsibilities. It must approve all candidates for ordination, determine whether to approve requests from parishes that wish to sell or encumber real property. In addition, the Standing Committee serves as the counsel of advice to the Bishop of the Diocese. Each Region may select one priest and one layperson to be among the nominees for election to the Standing Committee at the upcoming Annual Diocesan Convention. Two priests and two lay people will be elected for two terms at the Diocesan Convention. The term will run from February 1, 2021 through January 31, 2023.

The following nominations were made:

Clergy Representative to Standing Committee

The Rev. Dr. Maria Kane, St. Paul's, Piney (Southern Maryland)
The Rev. Dr. Maria Kane has served as rector of St. Paul's, Waldorf, since 2014. Maria has served on EDOW's Strategic Financial Resources Commission and the Campus Ministry Advisory Board. Prior to coming to Washington, she was a member of the Diocese of Southern Virginia's Task Force on Sexuality & the Church. Maria currently serves on a team working to build a Path of Discipleship for the School for Christian Faith & Leadership and is a regular writer for Grow Christians, Forward Movement's online discipleship ministry.

The Rev. Dr. Sheila McJilton, St. Philip's, Laurel (Northern Prince George's County)
The Rev. Dr. Sheila McJilton has been rector of St. Philip's Parish in Laurel, MD since 2007. Sheila served from 2000-2003 on the Executive Council Committee of the Status ofWomen. Sheila has served on the COM, Diocesan Council and Standing Committee, and served as President of SC from 2017-2019. She was Alternate Deputy to General Convention in 2012, 2015 and 2018. Sheila also currently serves as President of the Episcopal Corporation of Widows and Orphans in Maryland. Sheila's passions include lay and ordained leadership development, congregational growth and development, preaching and teaching. If re-elected to SC, Sheila would be honored to serve EDOW again in this capacity.

Lay Representative to Standing Committee

Ms. Erika GilmoreSt. George's, DC (Central DC)
Erika is currently a member of EDOW's Standing Committee, and would be delighted to continue in order to further serve the diocese. She started in the Diocese while a student at Howard University where she was president of the Anglican student ministry group, AJSA. Joining St. George's, DC after college, she served shy of a decade on the vestry and was project manager for the church's renovation project. Erika serves as a lector & is active in the parish. Erika also serves on the Resolutions Committee and the Campus Ministry Advisory Group.

Ms. Vivian Logan, St. Anne's (North Montgomery County)
Proud member of St. Anne Damascus since 2010 year. Member of St. Anne Damascus Vestry; thanks to Bettieanne Quinn for nominating me. The US Army used to have a recruiting slogan stating "Be all you can Be if you join," however I find it to be much more soul satisfying to be in God's Army as a member of St. Anne Damascus. However in the secular world, I am an US semi-retired Army Veteran. I am recently divorced after being separrated for 20 years. I have four adult children and a couple of grandchildren. My last job was working as a contractor for the Comptroller of Maryland for two years. I am a certified tax consultant and hope to finish a Master's Degree in Taxation.

Ms. Jewell LittleGrace Church, Silver Spring (South Montgomery County)
Member of Grace Church for more than 25 years; served on vestry for approximately 5 years; member of the Daughters of the King; active LEM; served on the altar guild and as a visiting Eucharistic Minister; volunteer in Thrift Shop of Grace Church and served as President of the Thrift Shop's Board for 3 years; participated in and facilitated multicultural dialogues on racism and bias in Montgomery County through 2 seasons; facilitated book discussions on racism in Montgomery County. I am an attorney, licensed in the District of Columbia, and worked in the area of Civil Rights for 15 years.

Ms. Kay PiersonTrinity, DC (North DC)
Kay Pierson currently serves as President of the Standing Committee. She is Director of the Community Reinvestment Division at the United Planning Organization (UPO), where she oversees housing services, tax preparation and transitional homeless services. She has over 30 years of experience in management in the areas of communications, law and community development. She currently serves on the Vestry of her Church, Trinity Episcopal; is President of the Beacon Brightwood Business Alliance and a member of the Board of Directors for the Women of Color in Community Development.

Mr. Sewell Truitte, St. Paul's, Piney (Southern Maryland)
I have been a member of St. Paul's Waldorf since 2002 and have served many different ways. I would like to run for the position of Lay Representative to Standing Committee. • Vestry 2008 - 2011 – Stewardship & Finance – Youth Education – Junior Warden (1 year) – Senior Warden (1 year) • Vestry 2012 – Stewardship & Finance • Vestry 2019 – 2021 - Worship – Senior Warden (2 years) • Finance Committee 2008 – 2012 - I was responsible for drafting the annual church budget and monitoring the church finances. I served as a member of the committee and as committee chair. 2019 – 2020 - I currently serve as a member of the committee. • Labor Day Committee 2004 - 2011 - helped to organize and run the annual Labor Day supper fundraiser that involved over 100 volunteers. • Window Restoration Committee 2009 - 2010. I served as committee chair that was responsible for contracting with a restoration company for the restoration of the church's stained glass windows. • Stewardship Committee 2008 - 2012. I served as a member of the committee and as committee chair. The committee was responsible for the church stewardship program and for conducting the annual pledge drive. • Publicity Committee 2009 - 2012. I served as a member of the committee that was responsible for advertising the church through social media, the internet and newspaper. • Rector's Advisory Committee 2011 – I served as the chair of the committee. • Journey to Adult youth group 2008 – 2009 – I Co-led the youth group. • Who We Are Discernment Team 2017 – 2018 – I served as a Co- Chair of the committee. • Served as the leader of the Lay Eucharist Minister and the Acolyte ministries 2018 – 2020 • Currently serve as a Lay Eucharistic Minister, an Acolyte, a Lay Eucharistic Visitor and as a member of the Pastoral Care Team. • I currently lead our weekly Zoom Friday Morning Prayer service.


The Diocesan Council serves as the governing board of the Diocese and, much like a parish vestry, has the responsibility for fiduciary oversight and general leadership of the Diocese. Each of the eight regions of the Diocese elects one lay and one clerical member to serve on Diocesan Council. Members of Diocesan Council serve for three-year terms. Terms on Diocesan Council are staggered, so that approximately one-third of the regional representatives are elected each fall. 

Election of Clerical Regional Representatives on Diocesan Council.

The following were chosen to serve as clerical members of Diocesan Council from February 2021 through the 2024 Annual Diocesan Convention:

North Montgomery County

The Rev. Javier Garcia Ocampo, Ascension, Gaithersburg
I am the Rector of the Church of the Ascension, Gaithersburg. I have been serving there since 2014, first as Latino Missioner, then as Assistant to the Rector and now as a Rector. I was ordained in 2002 in the Diocese of Mexico City and served there for 10 years where I was part of the Children and Youth Christian Formation for many years. Since I became part of the Diocese of Washington, I have been part of different Committees such as the Race and Social Justice Task Force in 2017, MAGI since 2018 to present and I have been part of the Advisory Committee on 2020.

South DC

The Rev. William Stafford-WhittakerSt. Monica's and St. James'
Hello, My name is William Stafford-Whittaker and I am the Rector of St Monica & St James on Capitol Hill, also since January 2020 regional dean for DC South. I have over 26 years of full time ministry held various committee, synod and council posts alongside my ministry as a parish priest. Currently I serve on the Diocesan Council and, if elected continue to see it as an honor to serve both you and our greater diocese. 

North Prince George's County (to fill one year of unexpired term)

The Rev. Connie ReinhardtSt. George's, Glenn Dale (filling a vacancy through 2022)
I have been rector of St. George's in Glenn Dale since 2006 and have represented North Prince George's County in the strategic planning process; I currently serve on one of the steering committees for the strategic plan. St. George's has often been host to regional gatherings and clergy meetings and recently hosted Seeing the Face of God in Each Other training in our region. I have previous experience serving on Diocesan Council.

Southern Maryland

The Rev. Chris JubinskiChrist Church, Chaptico
Since 2015, I have been the Rector of Christ Church in Chaptico. It has been a privilege and a blessing to represent Southern Maryland at Diocesan Council during this past three years and I welcome the opportunity to serve you for another three years. As we continue to live into the strategic plan for the growth of God's kindom here in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, let us also walk the way of love together as we serve each other and the world around us.

Election of Lay Regional Representatives on Diocesan Council.

The following were chosen to serve as lay members of Diocesan Council from February 2021 through the 2024 Annual Diocesan Convention:

South Montgomery County

Mrs. Linda Baily, Grace Church, Silver Spring 
I am a life-long member of Grace Church, Silver Spring. Over many years, I have enjoyed participating in a wide range of parish ministries from serving on Vestry to singing in the choir to hosting large hospitality events. For the past several years, I have been most involved in the ministry of Stewardship, especially focusing on best practices for Annual Giving campaigns. Over that time, I worked closely with the Rector and the Stewardship Committee to develop materials that reflect the needs and demographics of Grace Church. In our case that has meant saying more in many fewer words, as well as incorporating technology. We're blessed at Grace to have 95% of our congregation make an annual financial pledge to the mission and ministries of the church. That interest and passion for stewardship led me to the Financial Resources Committee of the Diocese of Washington. A member for the past four years, it has been my pleasure to work with others on the committee to develop several initiatives. The Annual Giving Toolkit, now in its second year, offers materials such as an annual theme and templates for congregational letters, along with a wide range of resources, including suggested prayers, hymns, and related scripture. Another exciting initiative has been the development of a series of workshops on Stewardship and Annual Giving. Over this past summer, in addition to supporting the churches of this diocese, workshop participants included churches from nearby Baltimore to San Mateo, Texas. My greatest joy as a member of the FRC is working directly with other churches to help and advise the implementation of successful Annual Giving Campaigns. Over the past several months, I have served as a member of the Task Force for Stewardship and Congregational Vitality. The focus of this advisory committee has been to propose a canonical provision to assist and empower the Diocese in its ministry to support and revitalize all communities of faith, ensuring that they have the necessary capacity to achieve spiritual and financial health. Meeting throughout the summer, the Task Force just recently submitted a recommendation for a new canon, which is now being reviewed by the Committee on Constitutions and Canons. Professionally, I greatly enjoy working as a member of the faculty at Holton-Arms, an independent school for girls in grades 3 – 6. I presently serve as the Chair of the Computer Science Department, as well as working with young girls in technology and engineering.

North DC 

Mr. Paul Brewster, St. Alban's
My name is Paul Brewster and I've been a parishioner at St Albans for over 30 years and an Episcopalian since my early teens. At St Albans I have served and am serving on the vestry and been a Diocesan delegate. I've been a lay reader, chalicist and verger. I'm presently the Lay leader of a Thursday, Evening Prayer service on Zoom. For the past several years I've served as Regional convener and subsequently as a Regional Representative to the Diocesan council for DC North. As your representative I have served on the Congregational Growth Grants committee. It's been an honor to serve as your regional representative for these many years. It's given me a great opportunity to see what parish life is like throughout the Diocese and the challenges we face. The Episcopal church is centered around parish life. We live most of our spiritual lives inside a parish environment. Regions are still a relatively new thing and I've been fortunate enough to see its re-birth, a re-birth that has been led by Bishop Mariann and is just beginning to bear fruit. The present pandemic has only accelerated the impact of observable trends including aging demographics and infrastructure in an increasingly secular world. I believe that revitalized regions within a strengthened Diocesan framework with the potential for shared programs staff and infrastructure will be a necessary component of our approach to meeting these challenges. I would like to have a continuing role in this transformative effort if elected.