Episcopal Diocese of Washington

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Regional Nominations

Welcome to the 2020 Pre-Convention Nominations and Voting page. In January 2019, the Convention of the Diocese of Washington voted to continue the process by which pre-convention activities could be conducted online. This enables eligible diocesan clergy, wardens, and lay delegates to participate in the online regional elections process.

Before the voting process is launched, diocesan staff will ensure that all parishes have provided us with the most current list of clergy, wardens, and delegates who are eligible to participate in the voting process. Members of the Diocese can submit themselves for nomination for open positions on the Diocesan Council and Standing Committee using the form below. The nominations process was open from October 1 to October 15 and has now closed.



The Standing Committee is a body that has eight members, including four priests and four laypersons. Under the Episcopal Church Canons, the Standing Committee has three principal responsibilities. It must approve all candidates for ordination, determine whether to approve requests from parishes that wish to sell or encumber real property. In addition, the Standing Committee serves as the counsel of advice to the Bishop of the Diocese. Each Region may select one priest and one layperson to be among the nominees for election to the Standing Committee at the upcoming Annual Diocesan Convention. Two priests and two lay people will be elected for two terms at the Diocesan Convention.

To submit yourself as a nominee for Standing Committee for your region, please complete the nomination form below.


The Diocesan Council serves as the governing board of the Diocese and, much like a parish vestry, has the responsibility for fiduciary oversight and general leadership of the Diocese. Each of the eight regions of the Diocese elects one lay and one clerical member to serve on Diocesan Council. Members of Diocesan Council serve for three-year terms. Terms on Diocesan Council are staggered, so that approximately one-third of the regional representatives are elected each fall. 

Election of Clerical Regional Representatives on Diocesan Council.

The following regions will elect one clerical member from the region to serve as a member of Diocesan Council from February 2021 through the 2024 Annual Diocesan Convention:

  • North Montgomery County
  • Southern DC
  • North Prince George's County (to fill one year of unexpired term)
  • South Maryland

Election of Lay Regional Representatives on Diocesan Council.

The following Regions will elect one layperson from the region to serve as a member of Diocesan Council from February 2021 through the 2024 Annual Diocesan Convention:

  • South Montgomery County
  • North DC 

The nominations process has now closed. Balloting will open in early November for any contested positions in each region.