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Pre-Convention Forum 2018

 Dear Friends in Christ and Leaders of the Diocese of Washington,

Welcome. Thank you for joining us for this new online process for presenting and discussing our diocesan mission priorities and annual budget. Here we will be able to look back and take stock of what we have accomplished in light of the goals and aspirations we set at the last Diocesan Convention. It's also the time when we cast our gaze toward the year ahead and work to refine the goals we will put before the entire diocese at Convention in January 2019. 

We want to encourage you to watch it as a group; in your vestry meetings, in your small groups and, during your annual meetings. We want to ensure that every member of the diocese has an opportunity to be apart of this decision making process and is aware of how we are stewarding our resources.  We welcome all comments, questions, and suggestions using the feedback tools provided for in this process. Diocesan Council will not finalize this budget until we have had the opportunity to hear from all of you.

I give thanks to God for you, your love of Christ, and our church. May God grant us all wisdom and courage for the living of these days.


The Rt. Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde
Bishop of Washington


I. Pre-Convention Address BY BISHOP MARIANN

Bishop Mariann introduces the 2019 EDOW Pre-Convention Forum. In this discussion, Bishop Mariann discusses accomplishments over this past year and begins to explore the mission goals and objectives for the coming year and the budget needed to support them. After reviewing the Bishop's welcome, please provide any feedback including your comments, questions, or concerns.




Mr. Jim Jones,  Chair of EDOW Finance Committee,  provides a narrative of the proposed budget for 2019. You will also get a chance to hear from some of the new staff members at Church House. The diocesan budget is approved each year at the Diocesan Convention.  Although it involves financial matters, the ultimate significance of the budget is as a statement of mission priorities. This presentation and reference materials below connect figures in the traditional line-item budget to mission priorities of the diocese. After reviewing the budget presentation, please provide any feedback including your comments, questions, or concerns.

Reference Materials