Episcopal Diocese of Washington

To draw people to Jesus and embody his love
for the world by equipping faith communities,
promoting spiritual growth, and striving for justice


Standing Committee

Standing Committee serves as a council of advice to the bishop; approves various stages for people in the process toward ordination; considers requests from parishes to sell or encumber property; in the absence of a bishop, serves as ecclesiastical authority. Members are elected by the Diocesan Convention. (see Article 9 and Canon 7).

Terms to expire at 2020 Convention:

The Rev. Canon John T.W. Harmon
The Rev. Elizabeth O'Callaghan
Lee Puricelli
Anton Vanterpool


The Rev. Glenna Huber
The Rev. Dr. Sheila McJilton 
Erika Gilmore
Kay Pierson

Deputies to General Convention

The Diocese elects four clergy and four lay deputies to represent the Diocese at the General Convention every three years as members of the House of Deputies. They are elected at the Diocesan Convention that takes place in the year preceding the General Convention.

(Listed in order of election)
The Rev. Canon Jan Naylor Cope (2020)
The Rev. David Wacaster (2020)
The Rev. Betsy C. Gonzalez, Chair (2020)
The Rev. Gregory Syler (2020)

Barbara Miles (2020)
Gerry Perez (2020)
Kemah Camara (2020)
John B. Johnson (2020)

Alternate Deputies to General Convention

The Diocese elects four clergy and four lay alternate deputies to represent the Diocese at the General Convention every three years to serve as alternate members of the House of Deputies. They are elected at the Diocesan Convention that takes place in the year of the General Convention. (Listed in order of election.)

The Rev. Canon Rosemarie L. Duncan (2021)
The Rev. Dr. Sheila McJilton (2021)
The Rev. Glenna J. Huber (2021)
The Rev. Dr. Gayle A.H. Fisher-Stewart (2021)

Matthew D. Taylor (2021)
Fernando Hermoza (2021)
Enid LaGesse (2021)
Antoinette Schooler (2021)

Delegates to Triennial Meeting of Episcopal Church Women

Rosamond Daniel
Deanne Samuels

Alternate Delegates to Triennial Meeting of Episcopal Church Women 

Leslyn Aaron
Mathy Downing

Deputies to Provincial Synod 

Deputies are elected to represent the Diocese at meetings of Province III. One clergy and two lay are elected at the Diocesan Convention occurring the year preceding General Convention. (see Canon 19) (Listed in order of election)

The Rev. David Wacaster (2020)
Barbara Miles (2020)
Gerry Perez (2020)

Alternate Deputies to Provincial Synod

Alternate Deputies are elected to represent the Diocese at meetings of Province III. They are elected at the Diocesan Convention in the year preceding the General Convention, at the same time as the Deputies — one clergy and two lay. (see Canon 19) (Listed in order of election)

The Rev. Canon Jan Naylor Cope (2020)
The Rev. Betsy C. Gonzalez, Chair (2020)
The Rev. Gregory Syler (2020)
Kemah Camara (2020)
John B. Johnson (2020)

Disciplinary Board 

The Disciplinary Board carries out Title IV functions — the clerical discipline canons of
the Episcopal Church. The committee has five clergy and four lay members appointed by the Bishop with the consent of the Convention. The term length is three years. (see Canon 41)

The Rev. Carol Cole Flanagan, President (2019)
The Rev. Vincent P. Harris (2020)
The Rev. Stuart A. Kenworthy (2019)
The Rev. Richard G.P. Kukowski (2019)
The Rev. Beverly Weatherly (2019)
Lisalyn Jacobs (2019)
Martha Jenkins (2020)
Franklin A. Robinson, Jr. (2020)
Dr. Kathy Staudt (2019)

Commission on Ministry

This committee is mandated by both the Canons of the General Convention (Title III,
Canon 2) and by our own Diocesan Canons (Canon 19). This committee supervises the
ministry of the baptized, both lay and ordained, and are appointed with the consent of
Convention. (Information on the ordination process.)

Gerry Perez, Chair (2020)
The Rev. Amanda Akes (2020)
Dora Currea (2022)
The Rev. Dr. Kurt Gerhard (2020)
The Rev. Amy Molina (2022)
Aileen Moodie (2021)
The Rev. Terri Murphy (2020)
The Rev. Sarah Odderstol (2022)
The Rev. Jim Quigley (2021)
The Rev. Yolanda Rolle (2021)

Staff: The Rev. Dr. Robert Phillips

Committee on Constitution and Canons

This committee considers and carries out requests requiring changes to the Constitution or Canons of the Diocese, and other related matters. Members are appointed at each annual meeting of the Convention, with four clergy members, and four lay members who are attorneys. (see Canon 20)

Anthony Coe, Chair (2019)
The Rev. Sarah Duggin (2019)
The Rev. Carol Cole Flanagan (2019)
The Rev. Noreen Seiler-Dubay (2019)
Elizabeth Lee (2019)
David Schnorrenberg (2019)
John Van de Weert, Jr. (2019)
Ex Officio: Mary E. Kostel
Ex Officio: Keith Roachford
Consultant: Barbara Miles
Staff: Don Crane

Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee receives, considers and evaluates proposed resolutions for the annual meeting of the Convention. The members are appointed annually at each annual meeting of the Convention, and consist of not less than two clergy and two lay.(See Canon 21 and Rules of Order)

The Rev. Canon Jan Naylor Cope (2018)
The Rev. Dr. Kurt Gerhard (2018)
The Rev. Cameron Soulis (2018)
Clark Evans Downs (2018)
Dr. Linda Freeman (2018)
Erika Gilmore (2018)
Marny Helfrich (2018)
Ex Officio: Keith Roachford
Staff: Don Crane

Diocesan Council

The Diocesan Council is the governing board of the Diocese. Members serve a 3-year term, renewable once. Each region elects 1 clergy and 1 lay member, 2 clergy and 2 lay at-large members are elected at the annual meeting of the Convention, and the Bishop appoints 3 members. Also, the officers of Convention serve ex officio. (see Canon 11)


The Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde

Ex Officio with vote

President of the Episcopal Church Women: Deanne Samuels

Ex Officio w/o vote

The Chancellor: John Van de Weert
The Treasurer of the Convention: Jonathan Nicholas
Secretary of the Convention: Keith Roachford
The Chair of the Finance Committee: Stephen Gibson
The Canon to the Ordinary: The Rev. Canon Paula Clark

Members Elected by the Convention

The Rev. Cynthia Simpson (2019)
Kurt Ellison (2019)

Members Elected by Regions

Northern Montgomery: The Rev. Lee Davis (2021); Douglas Perkins (2020)
Central Montgomery: The Rev. James Isaacs (2020); Kathy Staudt (2019)
Southern Montgomery: The Rev. Sari Ateek (2019); Penelope Winder (2021)
Northern DC: The Rev. Dr. Rosemarie Duncan (2020); Paul Brewster (2021)
Central DC: The Rev. Dominique Peridans (2019); Catherine Manhardt (2020)
Southern DC: The Rev. William Stafford-Whittaker (2021); Emma Tucker (2019)
Northern Prince George's County: The Rev. Melena Nelson-Amaker, Moderator (2019), Ian Hutson (2020)
Southern Maryland: The Rev. Chris Jubinski (2021); JoAnn Appold (2019)

Members Appointed by the Bishop

Franklin Lemus (2020)
Vincent Napoleon (2019)
The Rev. Richard Wall (2021)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for preparing and monitoring the administration of the annual operating budget. It makes recommendations to the Bishop and Standing Committee concerning requests for sales or encumbrances of real property of parishes and separate congregations. Appointments are made by the Bishop and Diocesan Council. (see canon 12)

Stephen Gibson, Chair (2020)
Joseph Alcock (2022)
Kenn Allen (2020)
Jo Appold (2020)
Jenny Bradley (2021)
Stephen Brushett (2020)
Jacques Hadler (2020)
Shell Kimble (2021)
Kent Marcoux (2021)
Paula Singleton (2021)
Patrick Summers (2020)
Fran Volelstech (2021)
Penny Winder (2020)
Consultant: Dave Williams
Ex officio: Jonathan Nicholas
Staff: Don Crane, Michele Hagans, Andrew Walter

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee was established in order to provide professional supervision of the investment funds belonging to parishes, separate congregations, missions, and the Diocese which are invested in the Diocesan Investment Fund. Appointments are made by the Bishop and Diocesan Council. (see Canon 12A)

Ellen Fishwick Martin, Chair
Bob Bremner
Kate Carr
Terence W. Collins
Jeremiah J. deMichaelis
Paul Gambal
Anthony Gould
Wardell Townsend
Staff: Don Crane

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee’s primary duties and responsibilities are to: (1) Serve as an independent and objective party to monitor the financial reporting procedures and processes of the Diocese, financial control systems and to monitor and encourage compliance with established policies and best business practices in general; (2) Engage, review and evaluate the audit efforts of external auditors and review and evaluate Diocesan staff having responsibility for financial management; and (3) Provide and encourage open communication on financial matters among the external auditors, members of Diocesan staff , the Finance Committee of Diocesan Council and Diocesan Council. Members are appointed by the Bishop and Diocesan Council.

Charles Lundelius, Chair (2016)
Margaret Blaine (2016)
Gary Correll (2016)
Paula E. Singleton (2016)
Patrick J. Summers (2016)
Staff: Don Crane

Angus Dun Committee

The Dun Fund was established to assist canonically resident clergy with a financial subsidy for continuing education and makes disbursements consistent with the available income earned by the fund. Appointments are made by the Bishop and Council.

The Rev. Eric W. Shoemaker (2018)
Lawrence Paulson (2018)

Committee on Human Resources

This committee was created by Bishop and Council in 2005 to examine and monitor
human resource issues concerning clergy and lay employees in the Diocese of Washington, and when appropriate, recommend changes in procedures, human resources policies or insurance plans to the Diocesan Council, and where appropriate, be responsible for holding hearings around the Diocese or otherwise communicating changes in benefits or procedures. Appointments are made by the Bishop and Council.

The Rev. Sari Ateek, Chair
The Rev. Maria Kane
Paul Barkett
William Freeman, Sr.
John Jasin
Mildred Millien
Staff: Kathleen T. Hall

Hunger Fund Committee

The Diocesan Hunger Fund Committee was established in 1984 for the purpose of providing grants to programs that feed those faced with hunger and malnutrition in the Diocese of Washington. Appointments are made by the Bishop and Council.

S. Lee Mericle, Chair
The Rev. Eric W. Shoemaker
Rebecca Browning
Susan Dolan
William MacKaye
Cheryl Maxwell
Keith Powell
Joyce Walker

Diocesan Retreat Committee

The Diocesan Retreat Committee (formerly the Diocesan Retreat Association) was created in 1967 by Bishop Paul Moore for the purpose of sponsoring, organizing, coordinating or conducting retreats for members and clergy of all congregations in the Diocese of Washington. Appointments are by the Bishop and Diocesan Council. 

Clifford Wooldridge, Chair (2018)
The Rev. Dr. J. Carleton Hayden (2018)
The Rev. Joan A. Shelton (2018)
Marta Brenden (2018)
The Hon. Cynthia G. Efird (2018)
Lesley Krauland (2018)
Arabella Littlepage (2018)
Isaiah Poole (2018)
Damien Tomkins (2018)
Jason West (2018)

Committee on the Partnership with the Province of Southern Africa (SAP)

The Partnership with Southern Africa Committee was created by resolution at the 2004 Convention (following a year of study in 2003 as a task force) to coordinate the partnership between the Diocese of Washington and the Church of the Province of Southern Africa in responding to the challenges of theological education, HIV/AIDS, women’s issues, advocacy, with US government decision making entities, economic and social justice, racial reconciliation, and liturgy and music. Appointments are made by the Bishop and Diocesan Council.

P. Abbott McCartney, Chair (2018)
The Hon. Cynthia G. Efi rd (2018)
Elizabeth Finley (2018)
Ian Glenday (2018)
Kathaleen Hempstone (2018)
Juanita White (2018)

St. Mary's Scholarship Committee 

This fund provides scholarships to minority students in residing in St. Mary’s County in support of their college expenses.

The Rev. John A. Ball
The Rev. Christopher I. Wilkins
Leonard Brown
C. Regina Bowman-Goldring
Karen Lowry
Elfreda Mathis
Zerita Shade
Janice Walthour
Staff: Cheryl Daves Wilburn

Bishop John T. Walker School Governing Board

Council created the Bishop John T. Walker School Governing Board to establish and
operate a tuition-free school for children of low-income families. Appointments are made by the Bishop and Diocesan Council.

Peter Lee, Chair
Jalene Spain Thomas, Vice-Chair
Jane Tucker Dana, Treasurer
Stephanie Cromwell, Secretary
Thomas Barnett
David Booth Beers
Julia Berry
Calvert S. Bowie
William H. Byrd
Dory Clark
Andrew W. Clarke
Alease Jackson
Reid Figel
Peter G. Gerry
Robert Griffen
The Rev. Canon Preston Hannibal
Sandi Hannibal
Concha Johnson
The Rev. Stuart Kenworthy
Nicole Solomon Mitchell
Charles B. Molster, III
Annette Nazareth
Anthony W. Parker
Robert Pinkard
Evie Rooney
Margot Semler Shorb
Nancy Sidamon-Eristoff
Robert E. Steele
Sara Thorne
Barbara Van Allen
Maria Walker

Counsel: Charles B. Molster, III
Executive Director/President: James Woody
Staff: Don Crane

Financial Resources Committee

The Financial Resources Committee is appointed for an initial two-year term through Diocesan Convention in January, 2019. The Committee is charged with the design and implementation of plans to strengthen the financial capacity and ministry of congregations in the Diocese of Washington.

Kenn Allen
Rosi Sweeney, Co-Chair (2019)
Linda Bailey (2019)
The Rev. Jason Cox (2019)
John Gardner (2019)
Charles Grizzle (2019)
The Rev. Maria Kane (2019)
The Rev. Edward Kelaher (2019)
The Rev. Henry McQueen, Co-Chair (2019)
The Rev. Mark Michael (2019)
The Rev. Michele Morgan (2019)
Staff: Don Crane