Episcopal Diocese of Washington

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for the world by equipping faith communities,
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2019 Convention

2019 Diocesan Convention

January 26, 2019

Washington National Cathedral

Diocesan Convention is the yearly legislative meeting presided over by the bishop and consisting of the clergy of and elected representatives of its congregations. It considers the diocesan budget and other matters regarding the mission and ministry of the diocese.

The 124th Convention was held on January 26, 2019 at Washington National Cathedral (map).  Media, materials, and resources from Convention may be found below. Materials from the 2018 Convention may be found here

Convention videos and resource materials

Complete videos of Convention proceedings are also available:

Videos from Convention are available on the diocesan Facebook page, and also on the 2019 Convention Playlist on the EDOW YouTube Channel


Voting Certification and Alternates 

Individuals elected at the diocesan Convention were:

Clerical Members of Standing Committee (2 year terms 2-1-2019 through 1-31-2021)

  • The Rev. Glenna Huber
  • The Rev. Dr. Sheila McJilton

Lay Members of Standing Committee (2 year terms 2-1-2019 through 1-31-2021)

  • Erika Gilmore
  • Kay Pierson

Lay Member of Standing Committee (filling a vacancy 1-26-2019 through 1-31-2020)

  • Lee Puricelli



The following resolutions passed at the 2019 Convention: