Episcopal Diocese of Washington

To draw people to Jesus and embody his love
for the world by equipping faith communities,
promoting spiritual growth, and striving for justice

Registration and Voting

Whether you are a clergy person, a delegate, an alternate delegate or visitor, you must purchase a ticket online to participate in the diocesan convention. Everyone attending convention must also register onsite the morning of convention. Clergy and delegates vote on a variety of resolutions and other diocesan matters; below is more information on ensuring your parish records are up to date ahead of convention.

Voting Certification For Clergy

All canonically resident clergy, convention delegates, and ex officio members will receive a notice of the availability of Convention documents at the beginning of January.

All non-parochial clergy who are secularly employed must send in their petition to vote by 30 days before the convention. If you do so, you will be able to vote. If you do not, you will not be able to vote, but you welcome to attend in a non-voting capacity.

Voting Certification for Lay Delegates and Alternates

Parishes should have a current certification of a Lay Delegate form on file with the diocesan office.

See a current list of delegates and alternates (updated 01/12/2021)

Learn more about serving as a convention delegate.

Report your parish's election of new delegates.

Have an Alternate Replace a Delegate

If the lay delegate cannot attend for all or part of convention, they must coordinate with the alternate and the rector/vicar/priest-in-charge.

Both delegates and alternates must be certified by 30 days prior to convention. In order for an alternate to replace their respective delegate for all or part of the convention, the rector/vicar/priest-in-charge needs to submit the Seating of an Alternate Form. The alternate will need to register for convention using the link we send after they have been seated.