Episcopal Diocese of Washington

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Diocesan Council is the governing board for the diocese and is empowered to act on behalf of diocesan convention while it is not in session (the other 364 days of the year). The Council collaborates with the bishop in developing and executing the diocese's mission strategy, develops and presents a diocesan budget to the convention, and authorizes diocesan expenditures. Other responsibilities are set forth in See Diocesan Canon 11.

Council Members

The Council is composed of the Bishop, one clerical and one lay member elected from each of the eight regions, two clerical and two lay at-large members elected by Convention, three members appointed by the Bishop, and several ex officio members.

You may contact your representatives:

North Montgomery County representatives: The Rev. Lee Davis and Doug Perkins
Central Montgomery County representatives: The Rev. James Isaacs and Kathy Staudt
South Montgomery County representatives: The Rev. Dr. Andrew Walter and Penny Winder
North DC representatives: The Rev. Canon Rose Duncan and Paul Brewster
Central DC representatives: The Rev. Becky Zartman and Catherine Manhardt
South DC representatives: The Rev. Cara Spaccarelli and Maureen Shea
North Prince George County representatives: The Rev. Melana Nelson-Amaker and Ian Hutson
Southern Maryland representatives: The Rev. Chris Jubinski and Jo Appold

At-Large members: Kurt EllisonThe Rev. Cynthia Simpson

Appointed members:  Franklin Lemus, Vincent Napoleon, and The Rev. Richard Wall

Ex officio members: Bishop MariannDeanne Samuels (President of ECW), Paul Barkett (treasurer), Keith Roachford (secretary), James Jones (chair of finance), Mary Kostel (chancellor), Paul Cooney (canon to the ordinary)

Diocesan Council Meeting Dates

Generally the second Tuesday of the month, 6 - 8:30 p.m. at another location - and includes supper.  Council Members: Login into the Committee eDocument Portal 

Council's 2018 meeting dates:

  • February 24
  • March 13
  • April 10
  • May 8
  • June 12
  • July (TBD)
  • August (TBD)
  • September 11
  • October 9
  • November 13
  • December 11
  • January 8, 2019