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Pre-Convention Forum


Welcome to the 2018 Pre-Convention Forum. In January 2018, the Convention of the Diocese of Washington authorized a two-year experiment during which time, pre-convention activities would be conducted online rather than in the regional assemblies each Fall that have been the norm for a long time. This will mean that the materials and presentations previously available only for those who attend the regional assemblies around the Diocese each fall will be available online for all members of the Diocese to view at a convenient time of their own choosing.

We're also excited by the opportunity to make it possible for clergy, wardens and lay delegates to participate in regional elections previously held at the regional assemblies through an online process that we are confident will be easy to use and accessible securely and from any device. Before the voting process is launched, the diocesan staff will ensure that all parishes have provided us with the most current list of wardens and delegates who are eligible to participate in the voting process. Members of the Diocese will then be able to submit from this page nominations for open positions on the Diocesan Council and Standing Committee.

As we move forward with the Pre-Convention Forum, all new materials, forms, and information will be made available on this page, and relevant information also included in the weekly diocesan email bulletin, and through social media channels. We hope that all in the Diocese will enjoy participating in this new process and we invite and welcome your feedback.


Nominations are now closed for the online nomination process for candidates for Diocesan Council and the EDOW Standing Committee. Thank you to all who participated in the nominations process, we hope you found the experience to be intuitive and easy. All nominees have been contacted with a request to submit their nomination information to be included in the online ballot.


Online voting for nominees for regional representatives to Diocesan Council, and members of Standing Committee will begin in November. Eligible voters from each region will be contacted directly with an invitation to cast their vote in an online ballot. Results of the election will be posted here and on the Convention page. 

Questions or Feedback

If you have feedback or questions on the Pre-Convention Forum, please contact us.