Episcopal Diocese of Washington

Engaging a changing world with
an enduring faith in Jesus Christ


At its convention in 2016, the diocese voted to organize itself into a new structure that includes eight geographic regions. Those are the District of Columbia, North, Central and South; Montgomery County, North, Central and South; Prince George's County, North and Southern Maryland. They are presented below in alphabetical order beginning with the Central Montgomery region.


Central Montgomery Region

  • St. Francis, Potomac
  • Christ Church Rockville
  • St. James' Potomac
  • St. Mark's Fairland
  • Transfiguration Silver Spring
  • Our Saviour, Hillandale
  • St. Mary Magdalene
  • Christ Church, Kensington
  • St. Luke's, Trinity Parish
  • Good Shepherd, Silver Spring

DC Central

  • Grace Church, Georgetown
  • Ascension and St. Agnes
  • Epiphany, DC
  • St. Luke's DC
  • St. John's Lafayette Square
  • St. Stephen & the Incarnation
  • St. George's DC
  • Our Saviour, Brookland
  • St. Thomas' DC
  • St. Margaret's
  • St. Paul's, K Street
  • Christ Church, Georgetown
  • St. John's Georgetown
  • St. Mary's
  • Howard University Chaplaincy

DC North

  • St. Paul's, Rock Creek
  • All Souls'
  • St. Alban's
  • St. Columba's
  • St. Patrick's
  • St. David's
  • Trinity DC
  • Holy Comforter
  • Washington National Cathedral

DC South

  • St. Philip the Evangelist
  • St. Monica's and St. James'
  • St. Mark's, DC
  • St. Timothy's
  • Atonement
  • Calvary Church
  • St. Augustine's
  • Christ Church, Washington
  • Holy Communion

North Montgomery Region

  • St. Nicholas' Parish
  • Ascension, Gaithersburg
  • St. Bartholomew's
  • St. Anne's
  • St. Luke's, Brighton
  • St. John's Olney
  • St. Peter's

North Prince George's Region

  • Holy Trinity, Collington
  • Epiphany, Forestville
  • St. John's, Mt. Ranier
  • St. Andrew's College Park
  • St. Philip's Laurel
  • St. Matthew's
  • St. Christopher's
  • St. Michael & All Angels
  • University of Maryland Chaplaincy
  • St. John's, Zion Parish
  • St. George's, Glenn Dale

South Montgomery Region

  • Grace Church, Silver Spring
  • All Saints', Chevy Chase
  • St. Dunstan's
  • Redeemer
  • Ascension, Sligo Parish
  • St. Barnabas' Church of the Deaf
  • St. John's Norwood Parish

Southern Maryland Region

  • St. Paul's, Baden
  • St. Philip's, Baden
  • St. Barnabas', Leeland
  • St. Thomas', P.G. County
  • Ascension, Lexington Park
  • St. Andrew's, Leonardtown
  • St. Paul's, Piney
  • St. Barnabas', Temple Hills
  • Christ Church, Accokeek
  • St. James', Indian Head
  • Christ Church, Durham
  • Christ Church, Clinton
  • St. John's, Broad Creek
  • Christ Church, Wayside
  • Trinity Parish, Newport & Hughesville
  • Trinity, Upper Marlboro
  • Trinity, St. Mary's
  • All Faith, Charlotte Hall
  • St. George's, Valley Lee
  • All Saints', Oakley
  • Christ Church, Port Tobacco
  • Christ Church, Chaptico

Regional Assemblies

A Regional Assembly is an annual meeting of the bishop and clergy and delegates from the congregations of the eight geographic regions of the diocese. There may be a separate assembly for each region, or two or more regions may be combined for one assembly. The meetings take place in October and November.

Click here for full information on Regional Assemblies.