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eFormation 101: Digital Ministry Introduction and Coaching Virginia Theological Seminary Zoom webinar

July 17th, 2020

Starts at 12:00 pm, ends at 4:00 pm

Dive into digital ministry! We'll cover Facebook, Zoom, and Video basics in this 4-hour conference and 2 follow-up group coaching sessions.

Presented by the eFormation Learning Community and  Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary, the eFormation 101 conference will give the opportunity for those new digital ministry leaders to dive into a few different platforms and then have follow-up opportunities to ask questions and context-specific information. This unique setup will create multiple opportunities to learn and then apply the information within your ministry. We look forward to learning with you and expanding our ministry horizons! 

12-4pm on Friday, July 17th will cover:

  • Facebook 101
  • Zoom 101
  • Video 101

Facebook 101: Profile v. page, posting videos and links, monitoring comments, page security, events, Facebook Live, and Facebook Premiere

Zoom 101: tiers of access, Webinar v. Meeting, security, sharing screen, equipping formation leaders to more efficiently make digital disciples in an era of disconnect

Video 101: filming basics, lighting tips and camera placement, suggested "upgrade" hardware, editing basics, transfer of video, and platforms

Presenters will include Sarah Stonesifer Boylan, VTS digital missioner, and Merrill Whatley, Membership Vision. 

Not only will we gather for some amazing teaching on July 17th, we'll also gather at 2pm eastern on Friday, July 24th and Friday, July 31st for two group coaching sessions in Zoom breakout groups for more individualized questions and application. 

Registration includes: 

Friday, July 17th 12-4pm, Zoom webinar
Friday, July 24th 2-3pm, Zoom meeting with breakout groups
Friday, July 31st 2-3pm, Zoom meeting with breakout groups