Episcopal Diocese of Washington

To draw people to Jesus and embody his love
for the world by equipping faith communities,
promoting spiritual growth, and striving for justice

How we support Parishes

Diocesan staff and consultants are available to lead congregations through a variety of processes that can help enhance a congregation's collaborative spirit, deepen its spirituality, focus its attention and energize it to do the work God is calling it to do. 

Vestry Retreats

Accepting a call to vestry is challenging. Balancing the ministry of the church with parish management can be even more so. And finding ways to incorporate new members, missions, and celebrations takes particular skill. Vestry retreats provide an opportunity for church leaders to recharge, reconnect, and learn new skills. Whether they last a day or a weekend, they are wonderful tools for celebration and recalibration. Contact the Rev. Dr. Robert Phillips to explore what might be helpful for your parish.

Strategic Ministry Review

Parishes are led by a combination of clergy and lay leaders.  Those people work together, in specific eras and with specific goals to support the mission of God. Through a Strategic Ministry Review, leadership teams can assess their effectiveness--both with one another in internal operations and with their communities to serve Christ--and can improve their collaboration. Geared to support the daily life of a parish, Strategic Ministry Review can take many forms. Click here for more information.

Parish Assessments

We rely on the Holy Spirit, but God gives us data, too. Whether parish leaders want to explore where their parish fits on the congregational life-cycle, what preponderance of gifts their congregants have, how people feel about the Sunday experience, or what programs parishioners believe could be more vital, gathering data from the congregation about itself can be critical. Contact the Rev. Dr. Robert Phillips to share your vision or challenge and see if a parish assessment could help.

Clergy Transition

Clergy move on. Congregants mourn. New leaders are called. But the process has many steps and engenders many emotions. Transition provides an opportunity for enormous growth--but it also causes some predictable challenges, so the diocese uses a well-defined transition process and requires each transitioning parish to have a consultant guide them through. 

Other Support

Parishes are complicated, and each is unique. Our consultant pool can tackle a variety of training topics, group dynamics issues, and parish life scenarios. Please contact the Rev. Dr. Robert Phillips to see if we can help.