Episcopal Diocese of Washington

To draw people to Jesus and embody his love
for the world by equipping faith communities,
promoting spiritual growth, and striving for justice


Evangelism Matters

EM is a conference run by Forward Movement about evangelism. You can find videos of the plenaries and other resources at http://www.evangelismmatters.org


Acts 8 Movement

The Acts8 Movement is a Missionary Society made of lay and clergy members of the Episcopal Church. They are dedicated to renewing the church through discipleship, evangelism and the use of current technologies for communication and strategic action.




A group of Episcopalians and other mainline leaders who are working to do formation and evangelism online. They have one-day bootcamps and are continually responding to the rapidly-changing online world. Is a great resource for church communications and online marketing strategies, although they are primarily about spiritual formation. This resource is out of the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary, located in Alexandria, VA. The Digital Missioner at CMT, Sarah Stonesifer, is a former member of the Standing Committee of EDOW.



Episcopal Communicators

A Facebook group for, you guessed it: Episcopal Communicators! Over 2500+ members strong. A great place to ask questions and solicit resources.