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Online Resources

Community Demographics

You can print out a report of demographic information for the area surrounding your parish (for urban areas with much smaller neighborhoods, you can request a specialized report.)



Marketing Your Parish: Advertising Best Practices for Effective Evangelism

Brief and extremely basic guide to marketing Episcopal parishes put out by TEC. Note: Does not take into consideration what happens when people actually show up! https://www.episcopalchurch.org/files/documents/marketing_your_parish_tec.pdf

Companion Material for Radical Welcome: Embracing God, The Other, and the Spirit of Transformation. https://www.churchpublishing.org/radicalwelcome


On General Welcoming and Radical Hospitality:

Best Practices for the Inviting Congregation

  • Extremely basic how-to for creating an inviting congregation. (However, does not include any mention of social media/online practices).

Best Practices for Inclusive Congregations

  • One-pager about multicultural inclusiveness in parishes.

The Practices of a Radically Welcoming Community

  • The necessary next steps for becoming a radically welcoming community.


Strategic planning resources (largely, good questions to ask discerning congregations):

Studying Your Reality: Where are we Now?

Charting Your Dream: Where is God inviting us to Go?

Building the Bridge


Best-of Episcopal Church Foundation Vital Practices

Amp Up Your Hospitality by Kathy Copas

  • Esp. thought-provoking are the “Wal-Mart/Gas Station Challenge” and “Ministry of First Impressions.”

Making Room by Richelle Thompson

  • First person narrative of the importance of welcoming newcomers by guiding them through the service.

Practicing Our Slogan by Scott Gunn

  • Excellent article with concrete tips about ways to help parishes see how welcoming they really are.

The Data Shows: Invite and They Will Come by Nurya Love Parish

  • One priest’s experiment in using FB video ads before Christmas (spoiler: attendance went up 13%).

Christian Hospitality Vestry Papers, Sept. 2007

Tools for Evangelism Vestry Papers, Nov. 2016


Evangelism Initiatives from 815

Here are some helpful handouts from TEC’s Evangelism Initiative:


United Methodist Resources

The Methodists have the most robust mainline denominational training and resources for hospitality and welcoming.

Welcoming Ministry Online Course

Six-week online class with assignments, teacher and class discussion for $30.



Welcoming Overview includes checklists for improving church hospitality.

http://www.umcom.org/learn/welcoming-overview. See also 7 Practical Elements of Welcoming.


Welcoming Resources:

Encourage Guests to Return with Great Follow-Ups

  • Provides practical tips for follow-up with visitors.

5 types of church visitors: Are you ready for them?

  • Article outlining the basic idea that different people visit churches for different reasons, and some suggestions for beginning to think through the challenge.

One-Hour Welcoming Training Session

Mystery Guest Audit

  • Instructions and checklist/survey for guest auditors to fill out. Although if you’re interested in a guest audit, please reach out to the SFRC and they’ll get your parish set up with a guest audit and follow-up visit.

Welcoming Tips Handout

  • Best part of this: “Rule of 10” which instructs parishioners to greet anyone that comes within 10 feet of them, especially people they don’t know.