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MissionInsite Community Demographics

MissionInsite@EDOW: Know your Community, and Grow your Congregation!

Diocesan staff is pleased to announce that the MissionInsite system is now online. This suite of robust demographic tools and in-depth reports will assist parishes with getting to know their local communities--a key element of growing and revitalizing our congregations and a vital component of the diocesan strategic plan’s implementation. 

How do I register for MissionInsite?

 Registering for MissionInsite is quick and easy. Follow the registration link, select the city and name of your parish, and create a login using an email address and password, or use one of your own Google, Microsoft, or Amazon accounts using one of the buttons on the form. Complete the other fields on the form including your name and role at the parish, and click on the Register button to complete the process. After we approve your registration, you will be able to login and access MissionInsite.

How is the EDOW MissionInsite system different from that offered on the episcopalchurch.org website?

The episcopalchurch.org website’s tool restricts each parish’s “community” to 3-mile radius with the church at the epicenter and provides only a very limited report option. In the EDOW system, parish leaders will be able to draw customized areas around your church location based shape, mile radius, and driving or walking time; generate standard and custom demographic reports; and view and get an analysis of the social mosaic groups in your target area. Your parish will also be able to upload and plot your parishioners in the system then run comparative reports on how the community of your parish compares with the community in your local area. In addition, your parish will have the option to purchase mailing lists of targeted demographic groups identified in your report.  

What support is available to the parish in using the system?

As part of the revitalization initiative in the strategic plan, diocesan staff are fully committed to supporting parishes in their discovery process, and helping you to the next level of engagement and ministry. Diocesan staff will provide a series of webinar sessions for congregations in the diocese as well as working with congregations on using the system in connection with mission conversations and revitalization. 

How many individuals may register from my parish?

Your parish may register as many people as you like. During the registration process, an individual selects their congregation, and proceeds with creating their login credentials and some other fields. The account creation is approved by a member of diocesan staff and the user will then have access to begin looking at maps and reports for the location of the congregation.

Other questions?

Once you’ve registered for MissionInsite, we invite you to explore their extensive support information. If you still have questions, please contact Peter Turner.