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Letters and Correspondence

Your annual giving campaign materials should include a personalized letter to the families and individuals from whom you are requesting a financial pledge.  Most often, these letters come from the rector, but in some churches the letter comes from the senior warden.

If possible, it is best to customize the letters to particular groups within your congregation.  For example:

  • Newcomers
  • Non-pledging households (families/individuals)
  • Non-pledging parishioners involved in a specific ministry
  • Current pledging households (no specific ask for increase or dollar amount)
  • Current pledging households (specific ask for increase or dollar amount)

The current trend in pledge letters is that a letter be:

  • Personalized  - avoid “Dear Friends, Dear Members of  (Church Name), etc.”
  • No longer than one page
  • Include ample white space
  • Include bullet points of ministries that have made tremendous impact over the past year
    • People want to see recent results and know they have been part of the success
  • Include bullet points of how your church will serve your community if the goals of the annual giving campaign are met.

Sample Letters