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Annual giving campaign themes should be simple, clear, and easy to remember. Ideally, your theme should reflect not only the goals and purpose of your campaign, but it should be closely tied to the mission of your church.

What Are Your Goal(s)?

When thinking about the theme for your annual giving campaign, a good place to start is with the goal(s) of your campaign. While every annual giving campaign presumably has a goal of increasing revenue to the church, it is important to identify the focus of that effort.  

  • Increase in the total number of pledging units (actual number or percentage)

  • Increase in the amount pledged per pledging unit (encouraging everyone to increase the dollar amount of their pledge)

    • Proportional Giving - encouraging all pledging units to increase the dollar amount of their pledge annually, with the goal of reaching the Biblical standard of the tithe

  • Increase number or percentage of first time pledging units

  • Newcomers - focus on encouraging new members to make a financial commitment

  • Average pledge - encouraging everyone to move toward, or past, the average pledge for your church, comparable churches, the diocesan average pledge, average pledge nationally

  • Increase dollar amount for those who have not increased their pledge for the past several years

What is Your Message?

Begin with your mission statement. What is the mission of your church? The message of your annual giving campaign should support your mission - your purpose for existing.  

When crafting your message, think about the following:

  • Is your message vibrant and concise?  Keep it simple and keep statistics (numbers) to a minimum, as they can easily alter the voice of the message. Your parishioners need to easily understand the message and connect to it.

  • Your message should be consistent with your mission. Your mission and focus of the annual giving campaign should be clear throughout.

  • Is it easy for parishioners to connect to your message? It is important for many parishioners (especially younger members) to understand how their pledge will impact the stated purpose of your annual giving campaign.  

  • Is it clear how the pledges will be used? Be sure to show how the money will be utilized in support of the mission of the church. Keep explanations simple and use examples.


Below are some sample themes:

  • A Growing Church serving a Growing Community
  • Abundant Joy, Overflowing Generosity
  • Bringing People to Christ
  • Building Faith through Gratitude
  • Building Something eternal
  • Building Hope
  • Building the Kingdom of God
  • Celebrating God’s Blessings
  • Connect, Inspire, Commit
  • Discover the Potential
  • Fearless Generosity
  • Forward in Faith
  • Generations of Generosity
  • Giving and Growing in Gratitude
  • Living Generously, Giving Joyfully
  • Gracious Hands, Grateful Hearts
  • Grounded in Faith. Growing to Serve
  • G.I.F.T.  Growing in Faith Together
  • Growing in God’s Grace
  • Grow. Serve. Give.
  • Growing Together.
  • Growing, Living, Building Together.
  • Hope Grows Here.
  • Ignite the Faith.
  • Journey to Generosity
  • Let God Lead
  • Let Your Light Shine
  • Living Generously
  • Living our Faith.
  • Making a Place to Gather and Grow
  • More Than Enough
  • Our Future. Our Faith. Our Time.
  • Proclaiming the Good News
  • Reaching Up and Reaching Out
  • Saint Alive!  Giving Generously
  • Seeds to Branches
  • Share the Gift
  • Sharing God’s Grace
  • Sharing our Faith. Securing our Future.
  • Stewardship is Heart Work
  • Strengthening our Spiritual Home
  • The Gifts of God for the People of God
  • Transforming Lives and Building Dreams
  • Walking the Way:  Annual Giving Campaign for 2017
  • Where Truth and Love make a Difference
  • With Faith

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