Episcopal Diocese of Washington

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Pilot Program

The preliminary results of the financial conversations held over the past year show help with fundraising is one of parish leaders most pressing needs. The Strategic Financial Resources Commission invites your parish to join an 18 month program to meet your specific fundraising challenges, develop better stewardship practices and learn from one another's experiences.

The SFRC is called to support diocesan parishes as they build their capacity to secure the financial and membership resources required to achieve their missions.

The commission's work includes:

  • working intensively with a set of individual parishes, through a pilot program;
  • identifying and making available the best existing resource materials and training;
  • developing new materials and training that are specific to the diocese;
  • sharing successful practices already in place in the diocese.

Topics for the pilot program include: annual giving, membership development, planned giving, major gifts and capital campaigns. These areas are those identified by parishes in their financial conversations.

The 18 month pilot program will work intentionally with a small number of motivated parishes to enhance their capacity in financial and membership resources. It will involve a systematic approach based on Scripture and centered on the good news of Jesus Christ to further the work of the church. Individual members of the commission will develop relationships with the leaders - clergy and lay - of participating parishes and work with them throughout the 18 month process--helping assess their needs and assisting with resources, materials and expertise. SFRC and your vestry will jointly develop and execute a plan, document and assess the results, and extend what is learned to the rest of the diocese.

The primary criterion for participation is your desire to be an active partner in work that will have direct benefit to you and that will help develop approaches and tools that can benefit all of our parishes.

The application deadline is August 11. Please prayerfully consider with your parish leadership, whether this is an opportunity you might pursue. Pilot sites will be selected by mid-September and work will begin immediately.

Please email Julie Anderson if your church is interested in being part of the program. We look forward to the opportunity to walk together on this challenging, critically important journey.