Episcopal Diocese of Washington

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for the world by equipping faith communities,
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Business Methods Resources

These resources are designed to support church leaders with best practices for stewardship of the assets entrusted to us for carrying out our mission, including those defined in the Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs. Ensuring that best practices are followed protects our parishes and all involved and is an integral part of Becoming Good Soil.

Accounting and Financial Controls

Today, church leaders wear many different hats since the job requires a myriad of responsibilities and duties that have an ever-widening scope. But one of the most important duties of a church leader is to protect the assets of a church. This section helps you with creating a strong internal control and audit process to protect those assets. Much of this material will allow you to set policies that prevent or identify deliberate misuse of funds, prevent or identify inadvertent errors, and make sure that the church's accounting policies abides by civil laws, church cannons, and organizational policies. 

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Risk Management

As with any organization, our parishes are subject to varying degrees of risk - financial, risks associated with our buildings, inappropriate actions by individuals, natural disasters, and others. A regular review of risks by parish vestries, risk mapping, and an effective risk management strategy can avoid or mitigate the potential consequences of different risks. Materials in this section outline considerations in developing a strategy for protecting a parish against unanticipated internal or external exposures.

Human Resources

Bringing Christ to the world is a mission of the Church. Much of this happens through the work of the
people, both clergy and lay, staff and volunteers, in our parishes. This section helps you structure your
practices with people to engage them fruitfully and ensure they are treated respectfully. Failure to do so
can create internal conflict, costly turnover and legal action.

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Information Technology

Technology is a critical component of business operations. Resources and workshops are available to provide information on  the components and sound practices for a healthy technical infrastructure. Of key consideration are the tools and practices to best protect and secure technology systems.

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