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Communications & Technology

The diocese offers direct assistance and support to congregations in technology and communications with a focus on components that carry the highest value and help to produce the best results. 

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Consulting and Training

The diocesan staff is a resource to support and advise congregations and affiliated organizations on technology projects, upgrades, computer and network support options, and how best to support special projects and initiatives. The staff is also able to consult on communications projects, website design and development, options for managing content, getting engaged with social media, and developing your brand online. 

In addition, classroom and online training sessions are made available throughout the year in areas of particular concern to congregation leaders and staff and are designed to provide information, suggest approaches and solutions, and address specific questions.

Website and Social Media Presence

For details on how to approach and complete a website design project, refer to the resource materials here. Several Digital Church videos are also available on this topic including how to assess a website, steps for completing the project, and a communications case study video on St. Paul's, K Street. A video from the diocese focused on social media for churches is available here. Companion resource materials on the why, what, and how of churches and social media are available here.

The diocesan staff can help with looking at how you can improve or rework your existing site, how to navigate the process of getting a new site with a fresh design, and how to leverage social media platforms to extend your church community using various tools and expand your ministry into new arenas online.

Google Suite for congregations

Churches are able to take advantage of the power of the Google platform using the free G Suite for Non-Profits system. An information video on this system is available here, and companion materials are available here.  Upcoming webinars for EDOW congregations are available below:

  • G Suite I: Admin Dashboard (4/18/18) [How to access and use the Admin dashboard to manage your domain account] - Register
  • G Suite II: Email & Groups (5/1/18) [Using G Suite email effectively and efficiently, and how to grow email reach easily with Google Groups] - Register
  • G Suite III: (5/15/18) Google Drive, File Stream, Backup & Sync [Explore Google cloud file storage options and how to manage storing files in your Google accounts, featuring a review of the new File Stream and Backup and Sync tools from Google] - Register
  •  G Suite IV: (5/29/18) Calendar and 3rd Party Integrations [Learn about what Google calendar can do for your church, and what other programs you can use that integrate with your Google account] - Register

Contact Peter Turner with questions or for more information on getting assistance for your congregation or organization.

Church Membership & Engagement System

The Diocese of Washington is leading the way in helping parishes respond with new technology to manage parish information and engage with parishioners and visitors more responsively and effectively. In collaboration with ACS Technologies, the Diocese has negotiated to bring the online Realm system to all parishes in the Diocese of Washington. The diocesan plan includes premium features such as a complete online suite for managing all membership and contributions data, accept online pledges and giving directly into the system, extensive customization capabilities, managing parish groups and committees, event registration, and a mobile app to manage and update information in the system. The Realm system is available at a discounted plan to all EDOW parishes. Contact Peter Turner with questions and for more information. 

Technology Infrastructure

Technology systems help keep your church running and the church leadership, staff, and congregation connected. For a congregation, these systems may include but not be limited to computer and network hardware, software to create reports and publications, liturgy planning software, church membership systems to manage parishioners' information and pledge and contribution records, accounting software, online giving systems, and tools to automate event registrations. In addition, questions often arise around best practices, purchasing options, and how to assess requirements and identify a solution. The diocesan staff can help with all of these with resources and guidance.

Instructional Videos

A series of recorded information sessions on topics of communications and technology is available the EDOW YouTube Channel. Topics covered include technology best practices, social media, website development, media relations, Google, and more. Companion materials for the video sessions and other areas in this Digital Church section are available here. Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions relating to this content.


Contact Peter Turner with questions relating to projects or general concerns on any of the above areas.