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Investment Fund

The Diocesan Investment Fund was established in 1950 under the authority of the Diocesan Convention to provide professional management of long-term investments belonging to the diocese, parishes, missions and other diocesan entities.

The Diocesan Investment Committee, composed of Episcopalians with experience in the financial industry, provides general oversight of the fund. The Committee establishes a policy that details the appropriate asset allocation guidelines for the fund, and meets regularly with the investment manager.

The fund has been managed by Vanguard, subject to the oversight of the committee. The assets of the fund are held in a custodial account with Wilmington Trust, a division of M&T Bank.

While many participants have established planned periodic withdrawals from the fund, generally from dividends and interest, the committee believes that the fund is most appropriate for participants who plan to have the majority of their assets invested in the Fund for at least a three-to-five-year time frame. 


Ellen Fishwick Martin, Chair 
Robert P. Bremner
Kate W. Carr
Terence W. Collins
Jeremiah deMichaelis
Paul Gambal
M. Anthony Gould
Nicholas Haffenreffer 
Wardell Townsend
Gay Truscott

Diocesan staff contact: Andrew Walter


Investment Fund Guidelines

Investment Fund Performance Reports