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Responsible Investing

Sustainable and responsible investing (SRI), also known as socially responsible investing, is a type of asset management that reflects social, ethical, and environmental values. The  Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) Committee is appointed by Diocesan Council to provide information and resources for clergy and parish leaders seeking to manage parochial assets in principled ways. 

About the SRI Committee

The committee's work includes developing model investment portfolios in accordance with SRI principles.

Diocesan Investment Policy

The diocesan investment policy limits investment in any entity that derives substantial income from the manufacture, distribution or sale of firearms, alcohol and tobacco.

Online Resources

Parish leaders seeking to identify guiding principles for sustainable and responsible investing have a variety of online and print resources to draw upon.

Model Portfolios

Diocesan Council charged the committee to develop two or more model portfolios that exemplify different approaches to sustainable and responsible investing.

Frequently Asked Questions About SRI