Episcopal Diocese of Washington

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Clergy Licenses

Clergy who are not canonically resident in the diocese must apply for a license to participate in regular sacramental ministry here. 

Requesting a License

Any clergy person who is not canonically resident and wishes to preach, minister the sacraments or hold any public service in the diocese on a regular basis for more than 2 months must obtain a License to Officiate.  Please contact Cheryl Daves Wilburn, associate for pastoral care and canonical acts, to begin the process.  The requirements are:

  1. A letter that you are a priest (deacon) in good standing from your canonical bishop to Bishop Budde
  2. An Oxford Background Check completed within the last 2 years.
  3. Copies of your certification in training in the prevention of sexual misconduct
  4. An in-person appointment with Cheryl Daves Wilburn.

Renewing a License

To renew an existing license, please return a completed annual report form to the bishop's office. With the bishop's approval, the license will be renewed and a new license mailed directly to the clergy. The license renewal form is sent out by email to all licensed clergy approximately one month before the old license is to expire. If there is no email address on file, a hard copy is sent by US postal service.

There are three ways to file:

  1. File Online
  2. Submit the copy of the form you received via email or US Postal service.
  3. Download the form and submission instructions

If you have questions about the Licensed Clergy Annual Report Form, contact Cheryl Wilburn in the bishop's office.