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Non-Parochial Reports

The National Canons require that all canonically resident clergy not included in the diocese's parochial reports make an annual report to the Bishop on the exercise of their ministry, and that some portion of them (to be determined by the Bishop) be recorded in the diocesan Journal. In this diocese, we merely record in the Journal the names of those who submitted them. In December of every year, a form is mailed to all canonically resident clergy who are either retired or not employed in our congregations.

For your convenience, should you not receive a form in the mail, updated forms will be posted here for downloading every year November-January. Any questions concerning which is the applicable form or voting status should be directed to Kimberly Vaughn 


Click here to complete your non-parochial report online

Instructions | Non-Parochial Report (pdf)Non-Parochial Report (word)

Update Your Records

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