Episcopal Diocese of Washington

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for the world by equipping faith communities,
promoting spiritual growth, and striving for justice

Parish Election Reports

At every annual meeting, a congregation elects members of the vestry or mission committee. Depending on its bylaws, either the congregation or the vestry also elects the wardens and the convention delegates. This information must be certified and on file with the diocese.

Filing the Forms

All forms connected with this must be dated and signed by the rector, senior warden or secretary of the vestry.

Once the forms are on file, the master voting list will be created and wardens and delegates will start to receive information about upcoming events and training sessions. All delegates and and alternate delegates must be certified no later than 30 days prior to Convention.

Wardens and delegates are all eligible to vote at Pre-Convention Forums (Regional Assemblies) in the fall, and should plan to attend. Only delegates are eligible to vote at the annual meeting of the convention.  Our canons provide that if a warden is also a delegate, that the Vestry may appoint an additional delegate so that the parish may have full representation at the Regional Assembly, i.e., clergy, wardens and delegates. If this is the case for your parish, please be sure that the person you've selected as Alternate is reflected in our records. A list of the current Delegates, and Alternates can be found here (updated 01/12/2021)

Following the election of vestry (or mission committee) and convention delegates by each congregation, the following forms should be completed and sent to Church House.