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FAQs On Election Forms

Must the forms be filled out by hand?

It is not necessary to complete the forms by hand. To type your responses simply save the forms on your computer in the format you prefer — Word or Adobe PDF — click your cursor on a line and start typing. *NEW* You may now fill out the form online or submit your own Word or Excel file using our online forms!

Who can sign the forms?

According to our canons (church law), only the rector, senior warden or secretary of the vestry may sign. Note that the rector doesn't have to fill it out – only sign it.

If our annual meeting is in January, can the delegates elected then be seated at the Convention at the end of the month?

No, sorry. They must be certified no later than 30 days prior to the Convention. 

How are delegates allocated to parishes?

Each year, the diocese calculates the median average Sunday attendance in the diocese. Congregations with median attendance or below are entitled to one delegate. Those with between the median and twice the median attendance are entitled to two delegates, and so forth up to five delegates for parishes with four times the median attendance.

How many alternate delegates should we choose?

Our canons do not address this. If your bylaws don't address it either, a rough rule of thumb is to have it be an equal number of delegates and alternates.