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Training & Education

The Diocese offers training and education on a wide variety of topics to inspire every person to grow in faith and equip our leaders to lead well.


Worship and Technology Discussions

As congregations consider plans for regathering, new questions are arising around developing and adapting further the use of technology for online worship and parish ministry. In particular, how existing platforms or production processes may need to change or evolve, and what resources or technology may best help support this.

With these questions and challenges in mind, we've scheduled three online discussions in July to enable a sharing of learnings and successes, and also to provide a forum to ask questions. Co-hosting these meetings are Peter Turner, IT Director for the Diocese of Washington, and Paul Alan Clifford, an author and trainer specializing in videography and live streaming technology for churches.


Please register for the meeting date that works best for you:

The link to join the discussion will be emailed to registrants before the date of the event.

Please contact Peter Turner  IT Director


Effective Communications for an Effective Church

Course Instructor: Kem Meyer
Course Dates: 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, July 28, August 11, August 25, September 1
Enrollment limit: 26 participants (future cohorts will be added as needed)


Course Description
This four-part, online course will help leaders incorporate proven communications practices into their ministries as explored in Kem’s book, Less Chaos. Less Noise. Participants will learn and practice communications basics such as:

  • knowing your audience 
  • maintaining identity 
  • removing barriers to your message 
  • prioritizing and timing communications and 
  • simplifying communications

all based on your congregation’s values and priorities.

The first two modules will be presentation-style; the final two will be workshop-style where participants will receive constructive feedback on their communications plans. Every participant will receive a copy of Less Chaos. Less Noise. by Kem Meyer.

Course Requirements
Participants must (1) enroll with at least one other person from their congregation, (2) commit to completing all four modules and (3) have either attended, or watched a recording of, the Essential Communications During and After Shelter in Place webinar.

About Kem Meyer
Through three decades working with small business, big business, not for profit, tech, finance, PR, advertising, schools and churches, Kem Meyer has developed a knack for finding the simple themes that increase organizational clarity and remove barriers that get in the way of an organization’s desired message or flow. Her heart for the church and empathy for a society that has turned away from the church for answers drives her work to help more people in ministry stop adding to the confusion and start making a connection. She is the author of Less Chaos. Less Noise. and partners with several organizations, including The Unstuck Group.

Contact Keely Thrall, Communications Manager