Episcopal Diocese of Washington

Engaging a changing world with
an enduring faith in Jesus Christ

Georgetown University

When We Meet


8:00pm Holy Eucharist (Communion)

The John Main Meditation Center at Anne Marie Becroft Hall

(across from the Healy Family Student Center)



2:00-4:00pm Coffee Hour

Hang out time! Students bring friends. If you come, we’ll buy you a cup of coffee!

Sellinger Lounge at Georgetown University Leavey Center


Any time:

You can also check out our Facebook page for updates.


Other activities:

At Commonplace at Georgetown, we:

  • Meet for worship weekly in an amazing, holy space
  • Partner with Campus Ministry to provide Interfaith Sacred Text Fellowship opportunities (Fall of 2018: Gender and Sacred Texts Fellowship with Rabbi Ben Baren)
  • Make time and space to be human, especially in our weekly hang out time called Coffee Hour
  • Form lasting friendships and help each other, and encourage and love one another in all that we do
  • Go on field trips and social outings with local Lutheran and Episcopal young adult groups
  • Cook and eat dinner together once a month at a local church
  • Participate in service projects
  • Try to figure out the question: What is God calling me to do with my life?
  • Don’t shy away from asking hard questions and have intentional conversations about things that matter, including issues of social justice
  • Go on retreat at least once a year, usually in conjunction with the Campus Ministry Office
  • Hold events with local churches, so students can meet an extensive Episcopal network of people who live and work in Washington, D.C.
  • Provide pastoral support for students in times of major (and minor) crisis

What to Expect

If you’re joining us for worship for the first time, you can expect a service that has lots of joy and laughing and singing (ancient chants, favorite hymns and new songs, too) and contemporary language. We alternate between the Book of Common Prayer and Lutheran services, but sometimes use other liturgical resources. Please feel free to either come in gym clothes or the suit you wore to your internship, or anything in between. You’ll likely find someone dressed like you when you get there.

We welcome all people of all genders, sexual orientations, race, or experience/non-experience with organized religion, and have a diverse group of students.


For Local Churches

Georgetown is home to three great Episcopal parishes: Christ ChurchSt. John's, and Grace. We also partner with Georgetown Lutheran Church and welcome students from any religious background to participate. We have students who were raised Episcopal, Anglican, ELCA, Missouri Synod, and nothing at all. All students, regardless of religious background, are welcome here.