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Hunger Fund

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Appeal Directly Addresses Hunger

Hunger is one of the main crises that has been exacerbated from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To respond to this growing crisis, the Diocese of Washington launched a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Appeal in the spring of 2020. 

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What the Hunger Fund Does

The Hunger Fund provides grants to programs that feed those faced with hunger and malnutrition in the geographical area of the diocese. These grants frequently spell success to programs experiencing shortfalls.

The Hunger Fund receives no funding from the diocesan budget. It is primarily funded by donations from churches, many of which have continuing programs to bring donations while others have periodic special campaigns. Funds are transmitted to the diocesan business affairs office as special offerings. Congregations also can send walkers to the Annual Hunger Walks described above. And individuals can also contribute, by making a gift to the Hunger Fund, or by sending a check to the Diocese and specifying that it is for the Hunger Fund. This fund is a useful means for Christians to do their share toward alleviating hunger.

The Diocesan Hunger Fund believes in ending hunger and envisions a diocese where congregations nourish their spirits by nourishing the marginalized. Despite government programs, the poor and working poor often do not have enough to feed themselves and their families through the end of the month. Food pantries and feeding ministries help these families fill this gap, which makes supporting these programs vital to ensuring thousands do not go hungry. The Hunger Fund uses your contributions to disburse grants to feeding programs across the diocese that supply food to hungry, impoverished children and adults--not a penny of grant money is spent on administrative costs.


How can I Become Involved?

It's easy. Here's a recommended plan typical of ones used by a number of churches: The 3rd Sunday of each month is designated "Hunger Sunday." Envelopes marked Hunger Fund are put into pew racks. Before the offertory, the rector or vicar calls attention to the envelopes. They are received in the alms basin and their contents are counted separately. A check for the total is drawn to the Diocese of Washington and mailed with an Accounts Receivable Remittance form, indicating what amount is for the Diocesan Hunger Fund and what amount, if any, is for another named agency. 

You can also join us at one of our Hunger Walks, contribute individually by making a gift to the Hunger Fund, or serve the work of the committee either as a committee member or as a helper who provides short-term and/or periodic help. Email committee chair Lee Mericle with any questions about how to help.


Where Does the Money Go?

The Hunger Fund Committee provides grants to support organizations within the Diocese that work to alleviate hunger in our community. 

In 2018 grants ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 were awarded to the following 11 programs and organizations:


Hunger Fund Committee

The committee meets the second Thursday of every third month- March, June, September, and December, and review grant requests at our June and December meetings. 

  • Michele Craig
  • Susan Dolan
  • William MacKaye
  • Lee Mericle (Chair)
  • Keith Powell
  • Patrice Rohde
  • The Rev. Eric Shoemaker


Annual Hunger Walks

The annual Hunger Walks are the primary fundraiser for the grant program, and committee members invite you and your congregation to participate.