Episcopal Diocese of Washington

To draw people to Jesus and embody his love
for the world by equipping faith communities,
promoting spiritual growth, and striving for justice

Justice & Advocacy

Race and Social Justice

The diocese is committed to working and advocating for racial justice and reconciliation, celebrating the great cultural diversity of our communities, ending gun violence, and being a place of welcome for immigrants and refugees.

We are in the midst of a national crisis. As followers of Jesus and his Way of Love, we keep our eyes and energies fixed on addressing the root causes of systematic racism and white supremacy in all its forms.

If you would like to know more about race and social justice initiatives, please contact the Race and Social Justice Committee, Dr. Enid LaGesse, Chair at raceandjustice@edow.org. Keep an eye on the events calendar and the news section for opportunities to receive training, participate in workshops, attend speeches and forums and lend your energies to advocacy efforts.

GUN VIOLENCE prevention

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde is a member of Bishops United Against Gun Violence  a group of more than 65 Episcopal bishops working to curtail the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. "We believe in a God of life in the face of death who calls our church to speak and act decisively against the unholy trinity of poverty, racism and violence," the bishops say in their mission statement. Learn More

Immigration, Refugees, and Sanctuary

As a sanctuary diocese, the Episcopal Diocese of Washington serves as a place of welcome and healing, and provides other forms of material and pastoral support to immigrants and refugees. Learn More


The diocese is committed to working with parishes involved in multicultural ministry. Our goal is to provide resources, collaborative opportunities and support for multicultural parishes. If your parish has less than 80 percent of any single racial group, sociologists would label it “multicultural.” Using that definition, the diocese is blessed to count nearly a third of its churches as multicultural.

Multicultural Awareness of Gifts, Inc. (MAGI) is a group of diocesan clergy dedicated to deepening diversity in their parishes. Since 1995, MAGI members have met to share best practices and leadership models with the hope of broadening and deepening the diversity of their parishes. 

If you are interested in participating in MAGI or strengthening your multicultural ministries, please contact the Rev. Dr. Robert Phillips, Canon for Leadership Development and Congregational Care.