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Use of Church Facilities Policy

Use of Church Facilities Policy 

What is the policy for the use of church facilities for events or activities during this period?

Our highest priority is the health, safety and well-being of our people, and in the face of COVID-19 coronavirus, we need to minimize social contact.


  • All parish activities, meetings and gatherings, should be postponed, held virtually, or cancelled until May 16 or we have new information about the status of the pandemic.
  • Outside groups who use our buildings should be encouraged to cancel or postpone events or to hold them virtually.
  • If the use of our building by outside groups requires the support of church staff or volunteers, the usage should be discontinued during this period.
  • If a group has independent access to a church building and does not create a risk of increased contact with others or contamination of parish facilities, the group may decide whether they will continue meeting. However, if parish leadership views the usage as creating a risk to the parish, the usage should be cancelled until May 16 or we have new information.
  • If outside group usage requires onsite support of parish staff, including set-up, clean-up or similar, usage should be cancelled during this period.
  • Events such as weddings, funerals, celebrations, or other community events should be rescheduled.


Episcopal Schools of the Diocese

Schools that are independent of a parish should make their own decisions in conjunction with local health agencies and school authorities. Schools that are part of a parish should make their own decisions in conjunction with the rector.