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COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Eligibility Criteria and Application Form

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Eligibility Criteria

The Diocesan COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund was established to:

  • Assist parish and community members experiencing hardships as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic, and 
  • Support established congregational food pantries and feeding programs to assist persons suffering from food insecurities, especially in Diocesan communities that are underserved.

Funds can be granted to parish and community members who meet the following criteria:

  • Members of EDOW congregations who are suffering from food insecurity and other hardships; and/or
  • Persons associated with EDOW congregations, or in the communities that the congregations serve, who are not receiving enough financial support to feed themselves or their families; at the discretion of the parish clergy and/or wardens;
  • Persons whose needs can be verified by parish clergy and/or wardens; and,
  • Clergy/wardens provide information about each of the recipients/families for whom they are applying in the application form

Funds can be granted to existing EDOW congregational food pantries and feeding ministries that meet the following criteria:

  • Funds are needed to restock food & supplies
  • The ministry program is in compliance with current COVID-19 jurisdictional and diocesan guidelines
  • Clergy/wardens provide a brief description of the program and needs of the ministry in the application form

Applications for assistance from the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund may be submitted by Clergy and/or wardens of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. 

While the Committee will use discretion in determining amounts granted through the fund, grants will be assessed according to the following guidelines: 

  • Parish Member Assistance

    • Individual:  $150
    • Individual +1:  $250
    • Families:  
      • 3 Members: $400
      • 4 Members: $500
      • 5 Members: $550
      • 6 Members:  $600
      • 7 Members: $650
      • 8 Members: $700
  • EDOW Congregational Food Pantries and Feeding Ministries 

    • Food Pantries:  $450 - $1000 (please note the  number of people served and frequency in your application)
    • Feeding Ministries:  $500

A committee of lay and clergy persons in the Diocese will review all applications, and disburse funds in an expedited manner. If you have questions about the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, please contact the Rev. Paula Clark, Canon to the Ordinary.



COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Application Form


Criterios de Elegibilidad para el Fondo de Ayuda de Emergencia del COVID-19 Y El formulario de solicitud