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Maintaining Essential Parish Functions

Maintaining essential functions during this period of closure and adhering to social distancing guidance requires a change in how we do business. 

In accordance with guidance from the Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the mandates of our local governments  to limit the size of gatherings, the Diocese of Washington requires all parishes to adhere to the following protocols until further notice.

Essential Employees/Volunteers editable letter for parishes 4/2/20

Essential functions

  • Recordings for worship services from the Nave or other parish facility
  • Recordings of instrumental music (organ, piano, etc.) for worship if not able to be done remotely
  • Processing of mail and deliveries for current operations
  • Processing of accounts receivable and payable, if not able to be done remotely
  • Facility cleaning


Staff responsible for these essential functions are asked to:

  • Limit onsite work to one day a week
  • Remain at the office for no longer than six hours, less if possible
  • Stagger onsite work so that no more than four persons are present at a time 
  • Maintain distances of at least 6 feet between persons when onsite
  • Wipe all surfaces touched with a disinfecting wipe at entry and at departure
  • Wash hands upon entry and before departure
  • Wipe incoming materials (mail, packages, etc) with a disinfecting wipe and wash hands after handling
  • Park in spaces less visible to the public and/ or put a sign on the door with notification that offices are closed

Anyone who has been in close contact within 14 days of someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or anyone with symptoms of the virus, should not visit the worksite

As we prepare to re-open in the weeks/months to come, a deep cleaning of every parish facility is encouraged. Please see the Hygiene Best Practices and Cleaning of Facilities page in our COVID-19 resource hub for names of companies who perform this service and helpful terms to understand when working with vendors. 

If anyone affiliated with facility use has tested positive for COVID-19, this cleaning is required.