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Financial Matters

During this time of continuing uncertainty, how parish leaders go about asking for financial support has never been more important. So, too, is ensuring that every penny received is allotted in ways that sustain both Christian community and the core operations of each congregation. 

We recognize these aren’t simple tasks with straightforward solutions--even in the best of times. Please know, we’re here to help you with questions about stewardship, emergency loans or grants, and any other financial issues you encounter in your parish. 

In God’s Peace,

Andrew Walter, Canon for Collaboration and Administration 



The financial impact of our shuttered economy grows daily, and while some parishioners may be able to continue--or even increase--their previous level of support, others will not have that ability, and if fact may need assistance. 

We encourage clergy and lay leaders to remain in steady contact with parishioners to see what parishioners might need and/or what they might be able to offer. 

Flexibility will be a key component of our successful response to the pandemic. Your ability to accept a variety of giving methods, from checks to credit cards to text gifts to direct deposits and fund transfers, will enable you to meet your parishioners “where they are.” So, too, will your assurance that parishioners can give weekly, monthly, or as they are able. 



We encourage your parish to adopt online giving. Vanco Payment Systems  is the preferred online giving vendor for ACS, Realm, Church Windows, Servant Keeper and other membership systems. It offers online, mobile, text, kiosk, and swipe options.

The Diocese has an agreement with Vanco to provide online giving for parishes with no monthly fee and discounted credit card and ACH transaction fees. Vanco Plan details are available here.

“Snail” mail
Parishioners can continue to mail in checks to the church for processing or, if they have online banking, can send a check from their bank to the church.

Direct deposit/wire transfer
The parish treasurer can work with parishioners to set up regularly scheduled direct deposits or wire transfers.  

Credit card
Credit card contributions are easy for parishioners to set up using an online giving system. 

If you have questions about setting up online giving, please contact Peter Turner, director of information technology, for assistance.



  • Contact Andrew Walter with questions about stewardship, emergency loans or grants, or other financial issues at your congregation.
  • Contact Peter Turner with questions about how to set up online giving or other payment options for your church.