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None of us imagined being the church during a pandemic. Our clergy and lay leaders’ creative response to these uncertain times has been a blessing that transforms lives daily. Thank you.

We encourage you to continue experimenting with online offerings for your congregations, and look forward to working with you as all of us develop new skills and approaches to support our missions and ministries through this current crisis and into the future. 

Below are a few tools we think will be helpful to you:  






Diocesan Staff Easter Season Preaching Rota 

Need a break? Members of diocesan staff stand ready to help if there is a week during Easter Season when your parish could use an extra hand with preaching. Staff are available on the weeks noted below to create and record a sermon for your online Sunday service. Please reach out to the individual staff member to make arrangements with at least nine days' advance notice. 

If you would like Bishop Mariann or Bishop Chilton to preach, please contact Cheryl Daves Wilburn, Executive Assistant to the Bishops, to check availability.  To watch previous sermons from the staff, please visit the sermons playlist on YouTube.



  • Introduction to Copyright for Live Streaming: helpful primer pulled together by The Episcopal Church regarding copyright issues with live streaming and retransmission of services over the internet. 
  • Purchase a Copyright License: All music that is reprinted or streamed online requires a copyright license unless the music is in the public domain. For streaming music online, purchase the streaming/podcast bundle license. Include the streaming license number you receive in any broadcast online (eg. Facebook, YouTube).
  • Public Domain Hymn List: All of the hymns on this site are believed to be in the public domain, carry the Creative Commons type 3 or type 4 copyright, or have a conditional copyright that allows for free reproduction and use.



Clergy are requested to refrain from making in-person pastoral visits. We recommend using telephone calls or online platforms to offer pastoral care. Please consult with Bishop Mariann directly if you feel you have a circumstance that might require your physical presence. 



  • The Way of Love for Easter Season 2020 calendar was created with simple ways individuals and households of all ages can turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go and rest in the wake of our current reality. Created by Sue Van Oss, director of Christian Formation at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Duluth MN. 
  • El Camino del Amor para la Temporada de Pascua 2020. Este calendario fue creado con formas sencillas de que las personas y los hogares de todas las edades pudieran cambiar de rumbo, aprender, orar, adorar, bendecir, ir y descansar a raíz de nuestra nueva realidad. Creado por Sue Van Oss, Directora de Formación Cristiana en la Iglesia Episcopal de San Pablo en Duluth MN.

  • Morning and evening prayers to say with your child(ren) at home each day of the week 
  • Tucked-in features Bible and other stories and short bedtime prayers each Monday, Wednesday, and occasional Fridays
  • Bible App for Kids features illustrated, narrated Bible stories plus interactive games to go with each story
  • Storyline Online features beautifully produced videos of children's books read aloud by famous actors
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga features charming 10-15 minute videos of family-friendly yoga you and your kids can do in your living room

            FOR YOUTH

  • Morning and evening prayers to say with your child(ren) at home each day of the week 
  • Play a game of Scattergories with your youth group online with this set of google slides
  • Ideas and resources for Lament and Thanksgiving as youth lament the loss of, yet continue to celebrate, milestone events such as graduation


           FOR ADULTS

  • Plan a retreat-in-place with the brothers at the Society of St. John the Evangelist



Contact Sue von Rautenkranz for questions about liturgy or copyright and Peter Turner with technical questions.


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