Episcopal Diocese of Washington

To draw people to Jesus and embody his love
for the world by equipping faith communities,
promoting spiritual growth, and striving for justice

More Jesus, More Love Revival

In Gratitude

We exist to draw people to Jesus and embody his love for the world. Never has that been more evident than on Sunday, January 26 when the Diocese of Washington showed up for the life-changing More Jesus, More Love revival service with Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry. 

Bishop Mariann and the diocesan staff give our thanks to all who made this day possible. The sponsors, the musicians, the volunteers, the individuals who shared their testimonies, Bishop Curry and his team. We were blessed with an abundance--including the many, many souls who attended. Some on their own, some with their congregations, their family or their friends. The arena was alive with the Holy Spirit, opening our hearts to all that is possible with God's help. 

May the Holy Spirit continue to guide us now as we turn to Jesus' Way of Love to revitalize our church for a time such as this. May Jesus inspire us to take our next step on our journeys of faith. And may we partner with one another--within our communities and across regional lines--to share our message of hope, courage, and vitality with the world. 


Revival Offering

We're grateful to report the offering at the More Jesus, More Love revival service raised over $12, 800.00. The monies will be evenly divided among St. Philip's DC Childhood Development Center, the Bishop Walker School, St. Timothy's DC Childhood Development Center, and Atonement DC's Feeding Program. Many thanks to all who gave so generously. 


Watch the revival (Recorded)

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Revival Musicians

  • The Cathedral Band, under the leadership of Mr. Daryl Hunt, provided the instrumental leadership for Raymond Reeder & Friends and led the congregational hymns
  • Soul in Motion provided the African drumming and dance ensemble
  • Trinity Episcopal Choir, DC, under the direction of Kelvin Page
  • East of the River Steelband
  • Julio Cuellar Ensemble
  • Raymond Reeder & Friends