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Evensong to Welcome Bishop Chilton Knudsen

October 09, 2019

Bishop Chilton Knudsen and Bishop Mariann Budde / all photos: Donovan Marks

On Sunday, October 6, the diocese gathered to welcome The Rt. Rev. Chilton Knudsen as Assisting Bishop of Washington at Evensong at Washington National Cathedral. Bishop Chilton began sharing her many gifts throughout the diocese in February and quickly won the affection, admiration, and gratitude of all she meets and works with. We are grateful for her presence among us! 

Of the event, Bishop Chilton says, "The service was wonderful beyond all my expectations. Many of you were able to be there. Others sent dear notes and kind thoughts. I've done a lot of hello-ings and goodbye-ings in our church, and this was one of the best!"

Clergy from the diocese gathered in celebration of Bishop Chilton

  Bishop Chilton in the Canterbury pulpit

  Bishop Chilton Knudsen, The Rev. Canon Paula Clark

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