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El vibrante y floreciente Ministerio Latino en EDOW

October 15, 2020

Se ha dicho que el Ministerio Latino es una de las áreas de crecimiento más emocionantes dentro de la Diócesis Episcopal de Washington. Al llegar al final de la observancia del Mes de la Herencia Hispana (del 15 de septiembre al 15 de octubre), es un buen momento para celebrar este ministerio floreciente y vibrante dentro de nuestra diócesis, aprender más sobre las congregaciones y comunidades que brindan un hogar a tantos, así como de las personas de diferentes países y culturas de América Latina y el Caribe. Una pregunta a hacer es: ¿cómo comenzó el Ministerio Latino en nuestra diócesis?

Recuerdo la primera vez que pisé una iglesia episcopal en Beltsville, MD, a principios de la década de 2000, sabiendo solo que todos, incluidos los niños, eran bienvenidos en la barandilla. No sabía qué esperar, pero como dijo Martin Luther King, Jr., "La fe está dando el primer paso, incluso cuando no ves toda la escalera". Ese día me embarqué en un viaje espiritual con esta pequeña comunidad latina, uno que nunca imaginé que fuera posible. Fui acogida por esta familia fiel, aunque durante años, no tuve conocimiento de nuestra conexión con la diócesis en general o de la historia completa de cómo comenzó el Ministerio Latino aquí.

Cuanto más aprendía sobre mi gente, más curiosidad sentía por nuestro ministerio en la diócesis. El primer servicio litúrgico en español fue ofrecido en 1974 por la misión de St. John's, LaFayette Square. Tuvo lugar en el Rosemount Center, el cual había sido fundado por House of Mercy, una organización benéfica de la Diócesis Episcopal de Washington, y estaba ubicado en el vecindario Mount Pleasant, una de las áreas más multiculturales, multigeneracionales y multilingües del Distrito. Mount Pleasant también fue el primer vecindario en el que viví cuando era niño.

Desde ese comienzo inaugural, el Ministerio Latino creció a través de los años con la visión de líderes como los Revs. Samuel Pinzón, Daniel Robles, José Villar, Enrique Brown, Luis León y Simón Bautista, por nombrar algunos.

Desde el 2002 hasta ahora se formaron más comunidades de fe latinas además de la establecida en St. John's, LaFayette Square, y dimos la bienvenida a los ministerios en Nuestro Salvador / Our Savior, Hillandale; San Mateo / St. Matthew's, Hyattsville; San Miguel y Todos los Ángeles, Adelphi; San Esteban y la Encarnación, DC; Iglesia de la Ascensión, Gaithersburg; y San Albano / St. Alban's, DC. Durante la época del obispo John Bryson Chane, siete comunidades latinas de adoración se establecieron formalmente y cinco continúan creciendo y prosperando. Hoy en día, hay seis comunidades de fe latinas, incluida Misa Magdalena en St. Mary Magdalene, Aspen Hill, nuestra nueva congregación del Ministerio Latino, plantada por la Rev. Sarabeth Goodwin, Misionera Latina diocesana.

Cada congregación latina tiene su propia historia y aporta una textura, cultura y don diferente que se suma a la diversidad del cuerpo colectivo de Cristo dentro de nuestra diócesis. La riqueza de su fe, luchas y alegrías alimenta mi alma. Estoy orgullosa de ser un producto del Ministerio Latino en esta diócesis que permite a mi gente - mi familia - y a mi persona a caminar en el amor trascendente de Dios.

Mildred Reyes
Missioner for Diocesan Initiatives

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EDOW's Flourishing and Vibrant Latino Ministry

October 15, 2020

It has been said that Latino Ministry is one of the most exciting areas of growth within the Episocpal Diocese of Washington. As we come to the end of observing Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), it’s a great time for us to celebrate this flourishing and vibrant ministry within our diocese, learn more about the congregations and communities that provide a home to so many people from different countries and cultures from Latin America and the Caribbean, and ask the question: how did Latino Ministry in our diocese begin? 

I can recall the first time I stepped foot in an Episcopal church in Beltsville, MD in the early 2000s, knowing only that all--including children--were welcomed at the rail. I didn’t know what to expect, but as Martin Luther King, Jr. stated, “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” That day I embarked on a spiritual journey with this small Latino community, one I never imagined was possible. I was embraced by this faithful familia and yet for years, I had no knowledge of our connection to the wider diocese or the full history of how Latino Ministry began here. 

The more I learned about mi gente, the more curious I became about our ministry in the diocese. The first liturgical service in Spanish was offered in 1974 by the mission of St. John’s, LaFayette Square. It took place at the Rosemount Center, which was founded by the House of Mercy, a charity of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, and is located in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood, one of the most multicultural, multi-generational, and multilingual areas in the District. Mount Pleasant was also the first neighborhood I lived in as a child. 

From that auspicious beginning, Latino Ministry grew through the years with the vision of leaders such as the Revs. Samuel Pinzón, Daniel Robles, José Villar, Enrique Brown, Luis León and Simón Bautista -- to name a few. 

From 2002 to now, more Latino faith communities formed in addition to the one established at St. John’s, LaFayette Square, and we welcomed ministries at Our Saviour, Hillandale; St. Matthew’s, Hyattsville; St. Michael’s and All Angels, Adelphi; St. Stephen’s and the Incarnation, DC; Church of the Ascension, Gaithersburg; and St. Alban’s, DC. During Bishop John Bryson Chane’s time, seven Latino worshipping communities were formally established and five continue growing and thriving. Today, there are six Latino faith communities, including Misa Magdalena at St. Mary Magdalene, Aspen Hill, our newest Latino Ministry congregation, planted by the Rev. Sarabeth Goodwin, diocesan Latino Missioner.  

Each Latino congregation has its own story and brings a different texture, culture and gift that adds to the diversity of the collective body of Christ within our diocese. The richness in their faith, struggles, and joys feeds my soul. I am proud to be a product of the Latino Ministry in this diocese that allows mi gente -- mi familia -- and me to journey in God’s transcending love. 

Mildred Reyes
Missioner for Diocesan Initiatives

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The Sanctuary Ministry of Washington National Cathedral

October 14, 2020

Through prayer and action, the Sanctuary Ministry of Washington National Cathedral (leer en español) supports immigrants and refugees, whose lives are threatened and upended because of their migration status. These, our brothers and sisters, are wrongfully profiled, at risk of detention, deportation, and family separation. With COVID-19, they have become even more vulnerable to illness, economic hardship, and death with little access to redress or relief. 

As St. Oscar Romero reminds us, “The ones who have a voice must speak for those who are voiceless.”

The Sanctuary Ministry focuses on education, advocacy, prayer and support of migrants and refugees. 

Educate congregations and organizations within our diocese: Recently, we launched a series of "Fact Sheets” to counter immigration myths and demystify terms like ICE (the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency), DACA (the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program) and TPS (Temporary Protected Status designation) so that churches and individuals have a basic understanding of the issues associated with immigration and can become effective partners and advocates for those in detention, those fearing deportation, and those impacted by COVID-19 with job loss and/or sickness. 

Advocate: We’ve created weekly “Action Alert” communiques (here's a recent one) for rapid response to developing issues that need to be addressed. Members of the Ministry are now active in putting together a national Detention Ministry Network, coordinated by the Episcopal Migration Ministries.

Support: We reach out to those in detention through visitation and letter writing as well as helping to support families in our communities with groceries, diapers, rent and other needs as they arise. The network of local faith-based coalitions and human rights groups has given us a much greater exposure to and understanding of the challenges for immigrants at risk. 

Pray: A group meets each weekday at 5:00 p.m. for prayer and contemplation; we welcome anyone who wishes to join our virtual group of sacred fellowship. We pray that our own hearts are opened as we care for our neighbors; we pray for those who are fighting the injustices of our existing immigration system; and we pray for the immigrants and refugees themselves. All are welcome to these meetings, please sign up through the Cathedral's calendar

This ministry is open to all: Although based in Washington National Cathedral, this ministry includes members from a number of Episcopal parishes in the Diocese of Washington along with other churches. The Ministry meets each month, featuring speakers who are themselves immigrants along with representatives of partner organizations from across the country. All are welcome to these meetings.

As we respond to Bishop Mariann's call to action during this election season, we invite parishioners across the Diocese to inform themselves about the issues, and in particular, about immigration.  

If you have questions, are interested in joining our ministry, or wish to attend our next online monthly gathering, please email us. All are welcome. 

Dora Currea, Marty Dickinson, and Claudia Russell
Co-chairs, the Washington National Cathedral Sanctuary Ministry 

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Canon Paula Clark Among the Finalists for Bishop of Chicago

October 05, 2020

We in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington congratulate the Search Committee for the Diocese of Chicago in their wise discernment to include our beloved Canon to the Ordinary Paul Clark among the final candidates for bishop. We who are blessed by Paula’s passionate  faith, personal warmth, and gifted leadership fully understand their choice. Paula, too, is discerning God’s will for her ministry and we can attest that she would be an amazing bishop. Now we pray for Paula and her family, the other candidates and their families, and all in the Diocese of Chicago as their discerning journey culminates in the electing convention in December. 


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Canóniga Paula Clark entre los finalistas para el Obispado de Chicago

October 05, 2020

En la Diócesis Episcopal de Washington felicitamos al Comité de Búsqueda de la Diócesis de Chicago en su sabio discernimiento para incluir a nuestra amada Canóniga al Ordinario Paula Clark entre los candidatos finales al obispado. Nosotros, que somos bendecidos por la fe apasionada, la calidez personal y el liderazgo dotado de Paula, comprendemos plenamente su elección. Paula también está discerniendo la voluntad de Dios para su ministerio y podemos atestiguar que ella sería una obispa increíble. Ahora oramos por Paula y su familia, los otros candidatos y sus familias, y todos en la Diócesis de Chicago, ya que el proceso de elección culmina en la convención en diciembre.


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